Saturday, February 4, 2012 (Val Vista Village RV Resort, Mesa, AZ)

It was another bright sunny beautiful morning as we sat drinking our coffee.  We didn’t really have any plans for the day.  After breakfast, Steve decided to head outside and try out his new California great.  He spent the rest of the morning washing and dressing the tires and flushing the black water tank. 

While he was doing that, I thought I would replenish our cookie supply...the recipe only makes 2 dozen at a time and we seem to go through them quickly.  For a healthier cookie, they don’t taste too bad.  When I was finished that, I took my book and sat outside in the sunshine reading.

After lunch we joined Dennis and Suzanne for a walk around the park...we thought we would change it up a bit, walking instead of biking.  We walked around the perimeter of the park...we've admired this huge beautiful tree many times...

Steve and Suzanne checking out some of the vegetation...

A row of palm trees...

We stopped at the Fiesta Clubhouse where the Canada Dinner was tonight. The tables were all set up and the room was decorated in red and white...everything was all set for later this afternoon...happy hour was at 4:00 with dinner at 5:00.

We continued our walk, finding the mini golf area...we’ll have to try that out sometime...and once home, Suzanne and I decided to ride our bikes back to the clubhouse with our plates and cutlery.  That way we will have our seats reserved at a table.  Each table was labelled with the name of a province...we chose the “British Columbia” table.

Once back, we returned our chairs outside in the sunshine for a bit until it was time to get ready for our evening.  Shortly after 4pm, we put our food contributions for dinner in the jeep...Suzanne, Steve and I rode our bikes over while Dennis brought the food and drink in the jeep. After dropping it off, he drove the jeep back home and rode his bike over. 

It was a lovely time...mind you, we felt like the kids in the room!  The food was great and we all ate way too much.  They had a bunch of prizes given away by answering all sorts of trivia questions about the provinces...what is the capital city, provincial flower and bird, etc.  It was all over at about 7pm...then we rode our bikes home...thank goodness we didn’t get stopped for drunk biking!!

Since it was still early (although it felt much later), Dennis and Suzanne (and Dunkin) came over and we watched a movie...Hall was so funny...for adults only!

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