Thursday, February 23, 2012 (Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ)

Today we thought we would drive up Mt. Lemmon...we have heard that it is a very scenic drive and another “must do” in the area.  I voiced concerns about the windy road but Steve said that Jerry, a fellow RV’er here in the campground, said that we would have no problem.  Jerry and Doris are from Saskatchewan...they have to head back north tomorrow.

It was just after 10:00 by the time I was showered and all ready to go.  While I had been getting ready, Steve was on the laptop checking out sites available at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, just north of Phoenix.  We should probably reserve while we have a bit of a choice in sites...but first we need to confirm that the bike rack part will be Steve gave Alex at Quality Bumper a call.

We waited and waited for a phone call back as Alex was checking on the status of the package being shipped.  Finally Steve called him again...well, I guess the dealer “had dropped the ball”...the part hadn’t been shipped but had promised (at their own cost) to ship it overnight.  Alex was just waiting for a confirmation email from him before he called us back.  He assured Steve that he would call us as soon as he got the email.

Of course, we didn’t want to book another site before we got confirmation that the part would be here...there are pretty hefty cancellation fees and we didn’t want to take the chance that the bike part wouldn’t be here.  So we needed to wait until we got confirmation from Alex.

Well, so much for our drive up Mt. Lemmon...the waiting game continued...and the point where we just decided to stay home today...we’ll do our sightseeing tomorrow.  Steve sat outside reading a magazine while I sat at the table with the laptop working on our travel journal and labelling pictures after our visit to the Desert Museum yesterday.

Frustrated at not hearing back from Alex, Steve called him was well after 1:00 by this time.  Apparently Alex had just received the confirmation email 10 minutes ago...finally.  The part would be here tomorrow.  So I went ahead and reserved site 154 at Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

Although we didn’t go anywhere today, I feel we actually got some things accomplished.  After a long Skype call with Verizon, I managed to get access to my account on-line...yay!  Now I can monitor our data useage...among other things!  I also got our web album (from yesterday) sorted, labelled and uploaded.

It must have been around 2:00 when we decided we should go out for a bike ride.  Steve went to unlock the bikes and wasn’t too pleased when he saw that his front tire was flat...cactus country is tough on bike tires!  He pumped it up and we headed off on a ride around the campground(s).  After a ride up to the office to find out if they could tell us where the nearest Laundromat was (6 miles north in Catalina), we headed back home.  It hadn’t been a very long ride, but it was at least a little exercise.

And that was pretty much our day...nothing too exciting...hopefully we’ll get in a little sightseeing tomorrow.

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