Thursday, October 25, 2012 (Travel to Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

We were on the road shortly after 9:00 this morning...another beautiful day!  The wind had died down, thank goodness, since it was only 25F/-4C when we got up...definitely time to head southwest to Lake Havasu...where the forecast high was 80F/25C today.

Another beautiful travel day with great scenery...

We stopped for lunch at a reststop just south of Kingman...

Trust me...I did not venture off the cement sidewalk!

We arrived at Lake Havasu State Park shortly after 12:30.  The gate attendant suggested site #37, a 70 foot pull through across from the lake.  We paid for a week ($20/night—no hookups) and then continued into the park.  The campground is about a mile from the entrance...this roadrunner greeted us...
After stopping at a water faucet to fill up with fresh water, we found out site.  The one-way road would have had us going into the “loop-style” pull through site on the left which meant that our door and awning would have been on the road side with the picnic table and fire pit on the opposite side....what a stupid set-up.  I sometimes wonder who designs these campgrounds!  We decided to drive past the site, turn around and come in from the opposite direction...going the wrong way on a one-way road.  No big’s not busy here.

After getting leveled, unhitched and the sliders out, I set up the laptop so that I could look up the satellite co-ordinates for Steve.  I was so surprised when I could not get a signal on my Verizon MiFi!  We’re not out in the middle of nowhere, for heaven’s sake!!  So Steve had to “wing-it” on the satellite set up and he nailed it pretty darned good.  He had a signal right off...just had to tweak it a bit.

When we were all set up, we went for a walk to check out other sites along the lakefront.  As predicted, the wind was starting up...we just can’t seem to get away from it!  High winds are expected here for the next day or so...and they were starting up.  We determined that site #10, a big back-in site right on the lake, would be great...we’ll have to check to see if it is available after the weekend; it would be nice to move to it for the rest of our week stay.

We found site #10 which we really has a reserved sign on it but we thought we would check at the office tomorrow to see if/when it might be available.

We were sitting outside in the shade when our neighbour from across the street stopped by.  Harry and his wife, Sharon, are also full-timers and have been coming here for years.  He told us about the area and some of the things to see.  We are looking forward to exploring the area!

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