October 6, 2012 (Castle Rock Campground, Fremont Indian State Park, Utah)

We are going out on the quads again today...going to check out the north side of the Paiute Trail...but before heading out, we thought we would let it warm up a bit...it was 27F/-3C out there this morning. 

By 9:50, the temperature had risen to 32F/0C and with extra layers (including long johns!), we were off.  For the most part, I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves...again, I will only post a few (okay, maybe more than a "few") and let you view the rest at Paiute ATV Trail, North Side--October 6, 2012
Our first stop was on the road leading to the trail that we were going to take...
We decided to start by going back to an old mining town, Kimberly.  We had driven from the other end and turned around very close to it...this time we would approach it from the opposite direction.
We actually had to park the quads and walk into the gated area...

Finished with Kimberly, we drove back and got onto the trail that would eventually take us over to the north side. 

I am just crossing the creek and about to climb up the hillside...

We climbed a number of hills/mountains today!  Which meant we also went down a lot of hills/mountains as well!

We also went through flat pasture land...


We took a "black trail--most difficult" and had quite a climb...what a blast!

We will be going over those distant mountains...not around them...

Magnificant colours!!

Up we go again...

Ahh...we can see the Interstate...way off in the distance!

We're getting close to the end of the trail...

...down, down...a long way down the mountain...

What another incredible day!  It was almost 5:00 by the time we got back to our campsite...a wonderful 7 hours (66 miles/106 kms) out enjoying the trails and the scenery!  In our two days of riding we have covered just a small portion of the 238 mile/381 km Paiute Trail loop.  Combined there are over 800 miles/1280 kms of roads and trails within the system. We'll definitely be back for more riding another time.

Tonight we thought that we would have a "real" campfire (instead of our "campfire in a can")...the firewood was $3 for an armful load...so we took 2 huge armfuls.

Steve got the fire going and we sat enjoying it.  I was trying to figure out how to set the timer on my camera when I accidentally took this shot...too funny!

Since it is the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, we just want to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all our family and friends...we are so thankful to have you all in our lives and to be living our dream!

We roasted hot dogs over the campfire and then called it a night...it was getting pretty chilly out, even with the campfire.  It's supposed to go down well below 0C tonight...yup, fall is here!


  1. Love the campfire pictures and the beautiful yellow follage!!

  2. Hi Diane and Steve, This is Harry as in Harry and not convinced yet Vicki from the RV Dreams Rally. I have really enjoyed your Blog since the Ralley but have not made the time to leave a message. I have driven I70 2 times and never knew what I was missing. Happy Trails.