Friday, October 12, 2012 (OHV area outside of Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park, Utah)

We woke to the sound of rain and wind this morning...there had also been thunder and lightning through the night.  At 6:30 Steve decided he had better get up and put the awning in...there were some pretty big gusts of wind.  He went out to loosen the arms and remove the tie-downs while I manned the switch inside waiting for him to give the okay to bring the awning in.

As predicted, it was a “do nothing” was cold, windy and rainy out...generally miserable!  At one point, it even hailed.  So we just hunkered down inside watching TV and reading.  I wish that we could have gotten an internet signal because it would have been the perfect time to get our blog all caught up after the couple of great days we had at Bryce Canyon...oh well.  I did work on the writing portion but so much cannot be done until I can access the Blogger website so that the pictures can be uploaded.  This is the only picture taken's a good indication of what kind of day it was...

It was actually kind of nice to do nothing today...a nice change but hopefully it's just one day and we're back to sunshine tomorrow.

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