Monday, October 8, 2012 (Travel to Red Canyon RV Park, Panguitch, Utah)

It was close to 9:30 by the time we were ready to leave our site and say goodbye to Castle Rock Campground.  On our way out we stopped to say goodbye to the couple that we had met on the trail the other day.  Steve showed Win the truck while Nadia told me that they were late getting home that day because they had come across an accident on the trail.  She said that a woman missed a sharp corner near Silver King Mine and went off the road, hitting a tree and was thrown 20 feet off her quad.  Not the stories you like hear...thank goodness she was wearing a helmet.

We kept forgetting to ask staff here at the park where the closest sani-dump was since there isn’t one in the park.  But Steve found that there was one at the Flying J in was about 15 miles out of our way but we decided to go there so that we could not only dump our tanks but also fill the propane tanks and top off the diesel tanks.

It was pretty cold this morning and we passed some fields where the sprinklers were going...and the water was freezing as soon as it touched the ground...

Why do they put sani-dumps in the most awkward places to get at?  Yes, I know that we are bigger than a lot of RV’s, but really!   However, we managed to get close enough after going through low hanging branches. Steve wasn’t happy having to get out the extra sewer hose to reach it and also having to work around someones accidental black water dumping in his work area.  On a plus side...the propane filling station was also right there and we got all tanks filled.  After that was all over with, Steve then had to drive out of the car area and over to the truckers area for diesel.  Finally...about an hour later...we were finished and on our way. 

We went back down I-70 and took the turnoff to US 89 south...a very pretty drive.... 

We drove through the small communities of Marysvale, Junction and Circleville...all have access to the Paiute ATV trail system and allow you to ride into town on designated ATV roads.  As a matter of fact, Nadia had told us that a "must do" is to ride to Marysvale and have a burger at the Prospector's Cafe.  Another time, Nadia!

Paiute Reservoir...

We drove through Panguitch...

...and then turned east on highway 12 towards Bryce Canyon.  We weren't on the highway long when we saw a sign that warned of a tunnel ahead with a clearance of 13'6"...hmmmm... the fifth-wheel is 12'9'', the truck is 11' but with the boat on top, we're not sure of the total height.  Maybe we shouldn't risk it...besides Serena (our GSP) was shouting out warnings that trucks are not allowed on this road, take the next exit as soon as possible.  We drove as far as Red Canyon and pulled over at a Scenic Viewpoint. 

While stopped there, we got talking to a lady that was taking pictures of the gorgeous red rock formatons.  She was very intriqued with our rig...well, it turns out that she writes for Trailer Life Magazine and asked if she and her husband could take pictures.  She asked Steve all sorts of questions about our truck...and said that she wasn't sure if the magazine would pick up her story but she would let us know if they do.

After trying to decide whether to go further and risk not being able to make it through the tunnel, we decided to turn around while we could.  We had passed Red Canyon RV Park not too far back so decided to stop there.  It's the usual private campground but has full hooks (with 50 amp power) for $25/night.  We paid for a couple of nights and chose a pull through second from the end.

Steve was just getting the satellite dish set up when our son, Chris, Skype called us from Vancouver.  We had a great chat with good to see and talk to him.  After that, we managed to get a satellite signal and then decided it was time to head outside and relax with a drink before we call the rest of the family to wish them all Happy Thanksgiving!

We are looking forward to exploring Bryce Canyon tomorrow!


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