Sunday, October 7, 2012 (Castle Rock Campground, Fremont Indian State Park, Utah)

It was cold when we got up this morning...21F/-6C!!  No wonder the furnace was on so much last night.  Steve was up before me and once he turned on the propane for the coffee, he realized that the propane tank must be getting low so he had to go outside to switch tanks.  That didn’t seem to help...for some reason the regulator acts up occasionally, so he had to turn off all the propane and move the tanks.  Not a very nice morning to have to go outside....brrr!

After three days of fun, we decided that we had better make today a work day...we both had things that we needed to get done before moving on tomorrow.  Of course, we started the day off with our usual coffee time and then after exercises, showers and a big breakfast, it had warmed up enough for Steve to head outside and get started on his day.

I stayed inside and got our blog all ready for posting...ahh, such a great ride we had yesterday!  By the time I was finished with that, Steve was just finishing up washing his quad.  We took advantage of an empty site across the road that happened to have the water faucet near it, to wash all the dust off the quads.  I washed mine...enjoying the beautiful sunshine; it had warmed up quite nicely after such a cold start.

I left Steve to clean out the truck before loading the quads...and finish his various maintenance duties, while I went back inside to get started on the next thing on my list...budget bills...all that “fun” stuff.

After Steve had finished loading the quads, we hitched up the fifth-wheel in preparation for leaving in the morning.   He continued packing the rest of the outside stuff and I went in to make a pot of chili for dinner.

It was amazing how quickly it cooled down once the sun went down behind the wasn’t long before we were closing the door and roof vents.  I think that the furnace is going to be running a lot again tonight. 

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