Wednesday, January 23, 2013 (Ocotillo Wells SVRA, Borrego Springs, CA)

It was cloudy when we got up this morning...there were a few breaks here and there but for the most part, it was cloudy.  The forecast calls for rain by Thursday and cooler temperatures.  The temp today, though, went up to 78F/ of the warmest we have had here, must be the cloud covering.

I spent the morning inside working on our exercise in patience with the MiFi service here being very inconsistent.  Steve puttered around outside...raking the area trying to get rid of as many nails as possible...we do not need a flat tire when we leave tomorrow!  He figures that he has found at least 200 nails!  We also decided to hitch up the trailer to the less thing to do in the morning.

There are quite a few geocaches in the area so before loading the quads back into the truck, we thought we would go hunt down a few.  We were gone for a couple of hours and found nine geocaches.

This one wasn't particularly's kind of obvious when there is a stack of rocks out in the middle of nowhere...

This one was a micro-cache hidden in the sign post next to the dirt was on a piece of wire that was dangling down the inside of the hollow pipe at the back of the sign...

Steve's turn to find one...(again another mound of rocks above the airstrip)

This one is a plastic bottle hidden in a bush...

We were back around it was time to load up the quads and pack up a few things in preparation for leaving tomorrow.  The forecast is for rain tomorrow so we want to get moved the short distance to our new spot on Rockhouse Trail just east of Borrego Springs before the rain starts.

Before getting started Steve took pictures of our GPS's that he installed the other day. We ordered new mounts for both units...this is my new Garmin Montana Touchscreen.

...and this is Steve's.  Much better position on his quad than where he used to have it mounted...on the front rack.

Now it's time to get to work...up he goes (watch your head!)...

...made it...

It was a beautiful of the warmest we have had.  Usually once the sun goes down behind the mountain, it gets too chilly to sit outside without a fire so we usually head in about 5:00.  Tonight, though, we were out until 6:00.  I guess the clouds were holding in the heat.

I had put a small moose sirloin tip roast into the oven at 5:00...boy did it smell good!  And it was absolutely delicious!  Leonie and Armand (friends we visited in Buckeye) gave us the roast once they found out Steve hunted and we used to eat moose meat all the time.  Thank you so much, guys, it was awesome!

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