Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (Indian Waters RV Resort, Indio, CA)

What a gorgeous day is starting to warm up...finally!  The temp reached into the mid to high 60's today.  Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 82F/26C...yay!!

Other than doing our exercises, I had a pretty lazy morning.  I coloured my hair and worked on the was almost noon by the time I showered!  Steve puttered around outside...he put air in the tires but unfortunately wasn't able to get to the inner tires on the truck so it looks like we will have to find a tire shop tomorrow.

It was around 1:00 when I gathered the laundry and made the short trek to the laundry room...where I spent the next couple of hours (and a bit) doing my most favourite thing (haha!).  Dennis came by and picked Steve up at 2:00...they were going to stop by an RV parts store and then go for haircuts.  After that, they were going to pick up Suzanne and come here for dinner.

They all arrived here around 4:00 and we sat out taking in the late afternoon sunshine before it went down behind the mountains...

...and then once the sun went down, Steve got the 'campfire-in-a-can' out and we sat out around it until it got too chilly and we went inside.

After dinner, we played a couple of games of marbles (aggravation)...the guys totally blasted Suzanne and I in both games...we just weren't getting the "out" cards!  We had a fun evening and then Dennis and Suzanne headed home.  We have one more day here before we leave on Friday...tomorrow, Steve and I have some errands to run to get ready for boondocking (gas, propane, etc) and then Suzanne and I are going to do a little shopping...before we go our for dinner.

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