Thursday, January 17, 2013 (Indian Waters RV Resort, Indio, CA)

Finally!...there is some definite heat in that sunshine!  The temps went up into the low 80's (25C)...just a beautiful day!  Great to be in shorts and flip flops again!

Steve and I headed out mid morning to run a few errands...first of all we went to get the inside truck tires pumped up a bit.  At our second tire shop, we found someone with the right tool to reach inside and do the job.  Our next stop was at the RV store to see if we could find a "break-away" clip for the fifth-wheel.  It's an emergency clip that connects to the fifth-wheel with a cord secured to the back of the truck...should the fifth-wheel accidentally pull-away from the truck, the clip is pulled out and activates the brake system on the fifth-wheel.  Steve bought one but if it didn't fit, he would have to buy a whole new module.  He didn't think it was going to fit but thought he would try it anyway.

One more fill the propane tanks.  Once that was done, we headed home.  Steve was right, the clip didn't fit.  He decided that since the clip was still working, he wouldn't replace the whole module...we'll leave it until we could find just the clip somewhere.  He returned the part to the RV place while I stayed home and prepared a cover letter to accompany a receipt for submission to our travel insurance carrier.

Suzanne came by to pick me up at around 1:00.  She also had our replacement helmet radios that had arrived via UPS...yay!  The two of us were going out for a little shopping by ourselves...much nicer than have the guys who hate shopping with us!  We went to Costco, Marshalls, and Sprouts...with one final stop at the post office so I could mail my letter to Canada.

We stopped at Dennis and Suzanne's to drop her purchases off and then the three of us (plus Dunkin) went to our place...Steve was wondering what had happened to was almost 5:00 by this time!

After a drink, we all piled back into the jeep and headed to old La Quinta for dinner.  We were going to try a restaurant called "Stuffed" but it was packed, so we went back to the Hog's Breath Pub.  Tonight it was much warmer than the other night, so we sat at a table out on the deck...very nice!

It was our waitress' birthday...she was an excellent server with quite a sense of humor.  Steve wanted to take a birthday picture...she was just a little shy...

Dennis and Suzanne dropped us off at home and after big hugs, we said our goodbyes.  We had had such a great time with them...thank you very much for all your hospitality, Suzanne and Dennis!  Now, that was a fast week (plus)!!!

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