Saturday, January 12, 2013 (Indian Wells RV Resort, Indio, CA)

As soon as Steve was finished showering this morning, he said he thought he heard someone getting their RV washed so he headed outside to find out the name of the company doing it.  We had decided to get a company in to wash and wax both the 5th-wheel and the truck.  Only certain companies are allowed into the RV resort and he wanted to see if it was the company that had been recommended to us by neighbours of Dennis and Suzanne's.  Santiago's was the mobile RV wash company recommended and they were just down the road working on another rig.  Steve spoke to the owner and asked if we could get our rig washed sometime in the next few days...Santiago wanted to do it today at 11:00.  So today it was...luckily we were able to rearrange our plans with Dennis and Suzanne.

The fellows actually arrived and started work shortly after 11:30...and the three of them worked non-stop all afternoon. As the fellows worked, Steve sat outside in the sun reading while I was inside on the laptop working on our blog...getting it up-to-date.

The streets inside the RV resort are nice and wide...

While Steve was reading, a road-runner came by...

Dennis and Suzanne arrived at around 3:00 and we all sat outside "supervising" the work.

It was 4:30 by the time they had that is a lot of work, especially hand waxing/polishing both the trailer and truck.  It took them 5 hours.  It may seem a bit extravagant having a company come in and do the work but the last time we washed and waxed the rig ourselves, it took us 5 as far as we were concerned it was well worth the $260 it cost for Santiago's to do it.  Plus the water down south is full of calcium so the RV Detailers use filters for a spot free wash. They were very meticulous and did a great job.

Once Santiago's left, we put the chairs away and went over to Dennis and Suzanne's for dinner.  We enjoyed a great dinner and had a wonderful evening with them...we even Skyped our brother, Don, in Vancouver and had a nice chat with him.

A little fooling around...


  1. Nice park you are staying in and I bet your rig is really sparkling after that afternoon at the SPA:o))

  2. Sounds like you are having a great visit with family. Hope we can get together again when you are in Mesa next month.