Sunday, November 28, 2010 (Laura S. Walker State Park, GA)

It was another beautiful morning with a gorgeous sunrise.

After our usual start to the day, Steve decided to take the boat out for one final ride before loading it back onto the truck. I declined the offer to go out with him...I had laundry that I wanted to get started on.

I spent the rest of the morning making 10 million trips back and forth to the bathhouse where the washers and dryers are. In between trips, I vacuumed the trailer and basically just puttered around. Steve returned a couple of hours later disappointed that he hadn’t spotted any alligators today.

We went for our final walk on the nature trail and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the between cloud coverings. As the sun got lower in the sky and it started to really cool down, Steve got a fire going. It was only just after 4:30 p.m.

After a couple of hours enjoying our last campfire at Laura S. Walker State Park, we went inside for the rest of the evening. After dinner and a little TV, it was bedtime.

This cold had me feeling a little under the weather and with the sinus congestion, I wasn’t expecting to have a very good sleep tonight.

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