Saturday, December 11, 2010 (Wekiwa Springs State Park, FL)

We really didn’t have any plans for today other than to just hang out and explore more of the trails around here. After our usual relaxing start to the day, we headed out on our bikes to find Sand Lake. It was cloudy again this morning but as we left, I noticed one small little break in the clouds...come on, blue can do it!

We found the parking area for Sand Lake, locked up our bikes (not that anyone would particular want to steal these relics) and then looked for the trail leading to the lake. By this time, the blue sky had won out and the sky was clearing quite nicely. There are trails all over the place but no signs....hmmm...okay, we’ll just head this way. It turned out to be the right trail and we soon came upon the tiny Sand Lake. The trail went all the way around the lake and had spots along the way with nice memorial benches where you can sit, rest and admire the views.

Note the "Alligator Notice" sign on the left...

We made our way around the lake and back to our bikes. As Steve was unlocking them, I noticed a sign right there...’To Sand Lake-->’....observant, aren’t we? Too funny!

The more we rode our old bikes, the more we realize how much we need new ones if we are going to ride bikes at all. We soon decided that this really wasn’t much fun and headed back to the trailer. We’d much rather hike the trail to the Springs rather than ride our bikes.

Once back at the trailer, we relaxed with a bottle of water before changing into our shorts...yay, shorts weather again! And then, with our walking shoes on, we headed out to find the trail to the Springs. With 13 miles of trails in the area, it is a great hiking area...and so close to an urban area. There were lots of people out hiking the trails on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

It was about a 40 minute hike to the Springs...and a much nicer day for pictures today than it was yesterday. These springs don’t have the fish in them that the others have had. And the water, although really clear, does not have the turquoise-blue colour that Silver Glen Springs had. But the area is really pretty. One end is closed off for swimming and then on the other side of the bridge is for canoes and kayaks.

We took the “Wet to Dry Trail” that led into a jungle! It was a board walk the whole way and really, really cool!

Can you spot Steve in this picture?

The trail looped around back to the trail that we had come in on and we continued on back to the trailer. It had been a great walk. Obviously today was an exercise day...we did our weights/resistance training this morning...a bike ride and hike...and then another 90 minute hike.

Back at the trailer, we relaxed in our chairs in what little sunshine that we could get through the trees. Unfortunately, we were in a very shady side of the campground. Probably very nice in the heat of the summer but more sunshine would have been nice right now.

The rest of the afternoon and evening went pretty much the same as all the previous ones this week....campfire, dinner...and TV before heading to bed.

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