Sunday, December 5, 2010 (Salt Springs, FL)

I woke at 6:00 a.m. to the sound of pitter-patter on the roof. The rain was very light and didn’t last long but I thought that it was setting the stage for the rest of the day. I was actually cleared up and ended up being a very nice day.

Today was laundry day for me so after exercises, breakfast and a shower, we loaded 2 big bags of laundry into the truck and I headed up to Salt Springs Square where the Laundromat is. I also took my laptop in the hopes that I would be able to catch a WiFi signal...but was not to be! I keep trying and hoping, though. We are leaving tomorrow so as we get closer to Orlando I am hoping that my Rogers Rocket Stick will be able to pick up a signal.

I was back just before 12:30 and after I put all the clean laundry away, Steve did some hot dogs up on the barbeque for lunch. We relaxed a bit and then thought we would go check out Silver Glen Springs which is a few miles south of here. We had been told that it is a very pretty spot and worth seeing.

Other than a motorcycle, the parking lot was empty when we arrived...not a very busy place this time of year. We paid $5.50 each day-use fee to access the Springs and the fellow in the store suggested a couple of trails that are worth seeing...and away we went. Silver Glen Springs and Salt Springs are just two out of around 600 springs in the State of Florida....more than anywhere else on earth. We had no idea that Florida had so many.

The Springs are just beautiful...the colour of the water is a gorgeous turquoise blue and there are tons of huge fish jumping clear out of the water...very cool!

We continued onto the first trail, Springs Boils Trail, a fairly short trail that went to a viewing area where the water is bubbling out of the sand. It looks very similar to the boiling mud pots in Yellowstone Park.

We returned and then carried onto the other side of the Springs towards the trail that led to Lake George. On the way we came across some huge black birds that were sunning themselves on the beach turns out they were Buzzards and not particularly welcome.

The trail to Lake George is 1-mile each way and was a great walk. We saw lots of deer scurrying away as we approached and at one point as we turned a corner, we startled a bunch of wild turkeys. There were likely bear in the area as well as alligators but we didn’t see any. It was a beautiful trail and very cool!

These are "cedar knees...a sea of cedar knees..."

Very cool trees along the trail....

We had a great walk on a beautiful afternoon...a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. We have heard that a cold front is coming in this week. The highs in the Orlando area are going to be in the 13 to 16 Celsius range and the lows down to minus 1....geez...and we’re in Florida for the warmth! So it looks like a chilly week for us until next Friday when the temps are predicted to rise back into the 20s. And then we fly home back to those chilly temps again.

We were back at the trailer at about 4:30. Steve was going to do a little maintenance on the toilet...good luck with that, honey...I’m going over to use the pay phone to make reservations at our next destination...Wekiwa Springs State Park, just outside of Orlando. We plan on staying there until December 14th when we will drop the 5th wheel off at a Keystone dealer, Suncoast RV, for some warranty work while we fly back home for 3 weeks. They said we could also leave the truck there as well.

Once finished our “chores” we decided to sit outside for a bit. It wasn’t long before the friendly little squirrels came by wanting a peanut. There is one “mommy” that comes right up to Steve to get her peanut...but is not quite comfortable taking it from his hand. Then there is the “mean” one that comes along and chases her away. We sat being entertained by them until it got kinda cool out so we headed inside.

The rest of our evening was pretty well a repeat of the last couple of nights. It’s hard to believe another week has gone by...we are looking forward to moving on tomorrow....

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