Friday, December 10, 2010 (Wekiwa Springs State Park, FL)

After 3 days of being out in the truck most of the day doing errands, we were really looking forward to just staying put and exploring around here today. But before we could do that we had to go pick up the boat motor. Mark had called late yesterday afternoon leaving a message (we were outside by the fire and the phone was inside) that the motor was ready for pickup anytime.

So after our usual morning routine, we headed to Boatwrench. I guess the weed in the Salt Springs canal and Lake George had really done a number on the motor. They had to replace the impeller and housing, gear lube and checked the thermostat. The bill was $ that had been one expensive boat ride especially since Steve had the motor serviced before we left Victoria and this was only the second time that we had used it!

Back home, we donned our bicycle helmets and headed out on a bike ride down to see the Springs. After having “test ridden” a new bike at Orange Cycles the other day, I really, really want a new bike! I think we will have to check back at Orange Cycles when we get back in January or locate another bicycle shop...there’s got to be more than one in the Orlando area! Maybe that should be our Christmas present to each other...? Good plan!

Wekiwa Springs is beautiful, but I bet it would have been much more so had the sky been clear and the sun shining. Today was a rare cloudy day...unfortunately, it had not cleared up like it had the other day. I took a whole bunch of pictures but on our ride back, my camera fell out of my pocket...OH NO! I had forgotten to put it back in its case. Once back at the trailer, I checked it out and found that all the pictures in the memory were no longer there. I had recently downloaded all of the pictures so the only ones that were lost were the ones that I had just taken at the Springs. I took a couple of pictures and all seemed okay...whew! So, I guess we’ll have to ride to the Springs again so I can take more pictures...hopefully we’ll have a sunny day soon.

We were pretty lazy the rest of the afternoon. I managed to finish up some banking on the laptop and chat to Chris a bit via MSN, while Steve watched TV. Before we knew it, it was time to go out and get a campfire going.

We met our neighbours, Jimmy and Sandra, and their little dog, Molly. They are from Brunswick, Georgia...near Jekyll Island. They were quite intrigued with our truck and wanted to see inside. After chatting for a few minutes, they carried on walking Molly and we returned to the campfire. It was Friday night and a lot of campers were arriving. We were particularly entertained as we watched a couple of big motorhomes manoeuvre their way the dark.

We sat enjoying the campfire for a while longer, then decided it was time to go inside and get dinner going. Steve barbequed pork chops while I prepared veggies/salad and perogies...yum!

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