Monday, December 6, 2010 (Travel from Salt Springs, FL to Wekiwa Springs State Park, FL)

It was another cold clear morning...lots of blue sky, but very chilly! It was a travel day today, but it was only about an hour and a half drive so we decided not to rush. Instead, after breakfast and dishes, we decided to go for a walk on Bear Swamp Trail. Today we were bundled up as we walked the trail...hard to believe that 6 days ago we went for the same walk and were in our shorts and T-shirts and “complaining” on how hot and humid it was!

After our walk, we stopped in at “The Barn” which is basically the activity/social centre. There is a huge beautiful fireplace and on these cold mornings, there is a fire going and coffee on. They have all sorts of activities set up for those who want to partake...woodworking, quilting, jigsaw puzzles, book exchange, etc. They have all sorts of social functions...potlucks, music, etc...

Once back, we started with our pack up. Steve was interrupted for a few minutes by the fellow across the street in a Class A Motor home from California. We had noticed kids there and were wondering (to ourselves) why they weren’t in school. As it turns out, the kids are being home-schooled and they are travelling the country.

It was 12:40 p.m. as we pulled out of Salt Springs Campground and onto highway 19 heading south. It was a fairly straight route south until we got closer to our destination, and then Serena had us taking all sorts of turns onto different highways and roads but we made it, arriving at about 2:15. I’m glad we have a GPS because it is such a maze of highways on the map going every which way as you get closer to Orlando. Wekiwa Springs State Park is just outside (north) of Orlando. Our plan is to stay here until December 14th when we will drop our rig off at Suncoast RV so they can do the warranty work on the 5th wheel while we fly home for Christmas.

As we checked in at the office, they seemed rather sceptical about being able to get our rig into our assigned campsite (#2)...hmmm...let’s keep our fingers crossed. The actual campground is about a mile from the front gate. It was a bit challenging getting backed in our site. It wasn’t so much because of the size of the site; but rather being able to manoeuvre the truck due to a post marking the campsite across the road. But we managed to get backed in and once unhitched, the truck fit in the site as well.

This campground doesn’t really have any “it” factor but it’s not bad. We have water and electrical hook-ups (at $27/night) but no sewer...okay, we have “free-flowing” water but our holding tanks can only hold so much, so that means we have to watch how much water we use...sheesh. But we are close to the bathhouse...via a cement sidewalk right from the back of our site. The trees are too close to put out the awning fully and our picnic table has to be set up sideways under least that way the barbeque can be kept out of the rain...should it rain.

After getting all set up, the next order of business was to see if we had an internet connection...yay...we do! The only problem with the Rogers Rocket Stick that I am having now is keeping it on...there appears to be some kind of short in the connection. I have to put some weight on it to keep it on. I will definitely be getting that checked out when we are home at Christmas time!

The next thing now, was the satellite dish. I looked up the satellite coordinates on the “dish finder” website and after much perseverance; Steve managed to get the dish pointed in the right direction and...voila...we had TV! We have internet and satellite is good!

We spent the rest of the evening inside with the fireplace going and the heater on. It was going to be a cold night...there is a ‘freeze-warning’. I feel sorry for our neighbours in a tent!

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