Saturday, November 27, 2010 (Laura S. Walker State Park, GA)

I have that damn cold back again! I can’t believe it! The day before yesterday, I ignored my scratchy throat; yesterday, I willed it away; today, I have to accept the fact that it’s back! Sheesh! Unable to sleep, I decided to get up and lay on the couch with a box of Kleenex by my side...this was at 3:00 a.m.! I took an Advil and managed to doze off and on for a few hours.

After the heavy rains we had yesterday, we woke up to clear blue skies today...but much, much cooler. It was only 43 degrees (roughly 6 Celsius) outside and there was quite a breeze as well. We actually had to put on jeans, long sleeves, jackets and socks and shoes today...a far cry from a yesterday and the previous week!! We haven’t had long pants on since we returned from Victoria on November 8th!!

We had some shopping to do today, so we drove into Waycross. Steve dropped me off at Kroger’s to pick up some groceries while he went to Lowe’s for a product (called Zone Defence) to keep ants away that the Camp Hosts had recommended. Before heading home, we fuelled up the truck at the Kroger’s fuel bar. Kroger’s has the best price on diesel at $3/gallon...and with a “Kroger’s Card” you get an additional 3c off. This time, though, we actually had to apply for a card. No problem, we can do that...all they wanted was your name and address. There is such a difference in prices when it comes to gas and diesel. Not like at home where all prices are the same at each station.

Once home, and with the groceries put away, we decided to go for our daily power walk on the Nature Trail. Today in our long pants and sleeves...I even had my vest on as well. But it was a beautiful day...not a cloud in the sky!

After our walk, Steve decided it was time he cleaned the barbeque while I thought it was time to tackle setting up an Excel spreadsheet to track our spending. Both “chores” that we had been putting off... After a couple of hours, it was time to relax with our bevies and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. As soon as the sun went down, though, it got really cool so Steve got the campfire going. We sat enjoying the fire until dinner time and then decided to go in and spend the rest of the evening watching TV. Firewood is at a premium around here...after buying 2 bundles and spending $6/bundle; each having 6 crappy pieces of wood; we decided to save the second bundle for another “short” fire tomorrow night.

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