Monday, December 13, 2010 (Wekiwa Springs State Park, FL)

It was cold out there this morning and with the wind, it was downright freezing! But the sky was blue and the sun was shining. The thermometer was supposed to dip down below freezing again tonight...definitely another cold front has arrived.
Today was a work day. After exercises, showering (yes, in the unheated bathhouse...brrr...) and breakfast we loaded all the laundry bags into the truck and headed out to find a coin laundry that we had passed the other day. We had no problem finding it as we retraced our route to Apopka.

Well, this Laundromat is the biggest I have ever, ever seen! It is huge...having different sizes of machines from regular top-loading machines to huge 80lb front-loading ones. They even have an outdoor 24 hour laundry area that people were using in the cold! We chose moderate sized front-loaders. After loading 4 machines, I wandered around while Steve settled in front of the TV to watch some game shows.

We were done and out of there relatively quickly...about an hour and a half. We found a station with a lower diesel price...$3.13/gallon, stopped at Albertson’s for a couple of things and were home just after 12:30.

After a little lunch, it was time to get working. Steve decided to wash the truck...I thought he was nuts because it was frigin’ cold out there with that wind...but he was determined. I stayed inside cleaning the trailer and packing for our trip home.

It was close to 5:00 by the time we were both finished...and relaxing in front of the fireplace. I was busy “chatting” with Chris via MSN when Terri, the Camphost, dropped by to ensure we knew the forecast was for freezing temps overnight and to leave a tap on. She was quite intrigued with our 5th wheel so Steve invited her in for a look. They are having a tough time deciding what type of RV to get...she really liked our layout. She also enquired about the truck because all of the park rangers have been talking about it.

After dinner and dishes, we settled in for our usual evening of TV...

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