Tuesday, December 7, 2010 (Wekiwa Springs State Park, FL)

I was up bright and early as usual this morning. It had been a chilly night out there...in addition to the two electric heaters we had plugged in, the furnace also kicked in numerous times throughout the night.

Instead of writing yesterday’s entry in our travel journal as I would normally do first thing in the morning, I decided to go on-line and get the blog up-to-date. It took awhile but on the whole, the pictures uploaded pretty fast. With so many pictures, the hard part is choosing which ones to add to the blog. When I have a fairly good internet connect where the pictures load quickly, I tend to add more.

After that was all done, it was time for a shower...right...we have to go outside in the cold and walk up to the bathhouse. That in itself wouldn’t be too bad if the bathhouses were heated so you could undress and shower in relative warmth. But no, they aren’t...so you can imagine how cold they were with the temperatures dipping so low overnight. But the water was hot and the showers free...it just meant that as soon as you turned the water off, you have to be really quick drying off and getting dressed!

Today we were in search of two dealers—one for my ATV and one for the boat motor. Steve had researched dealers on-line and had written down a number of them and we were now off.

Well, that proved to be a challenge! The first address that we tried...well...there wasn’t anything there. The street Serena told us to turn onto wasn’t there. We even went around the block to double check. Okay, let’s try the second address on the list. We arrived at that address...to an empty building! Well okay then! But all was not lost...we had noticed a Yamaha dealer while stopped at a traffic light earlier but just hadn’t been able to turn around. So we retraced our route...to Cycle Sports Centre. We off-loaded my quad and left it with them to check it out. They will call us later with their findings.

We had passed a Super Walmart on our way, so we decided to stop there and pick up a few groceries needed to get us through the week. After that we were in search of a Johnson boat motor dealer. Again, Serena took us to an address where there was no sign of a business...it was basically out on a deserted country road. Well...that’s enough for today...we’ll head home now.

On the way home, we passed some firewood for sale so instead of paying the usual horrific price at the campground (usually $6 for 6 pieces), we stopped and bought some...a much better deal at $10 for 30 pieces—we bought 2 loads. Unfortunately, once home when Steve tried to get the fire started, he found that the wood could have been seasoned better. He had a heck of a time getting a fire going because the wood was quite wet. But eventually, with lots of fanning...we had it going.

While we were sitting in front of the fire, a fellow came by (I think he was the camp host) letting all the campers know that the temps were going to dip below freezing tonight and asked us to leave a tap running. He suggested rather than have one run inside that would fill our holding tank that we leave the outside shower dripping. So...here we are in Florida...with our water-hose insulated against the freezing temperatures! Sheesh!!

We sat out enjoying the fire for awhile and then decided to head inside. After dinner and dishes, we had our usual evening in front of the fireplace watching TV. Tomorrow we had more errands...the tires on Steve’s bicycle needed to be fixed and we had some more shopping to do.

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