Wednesday, December 8, 2010 (Wekiwa Springs State Park, FL)

There is something wrong with seeing people walking around the campground all bundled up with toques and Florida!! Too funny! But the temperature this morning was 0 Celsius! It’s warmer back home than it is here! Mind you, it has been clear with lots of sunshine and it has warmed up quite a bit by mid-afternoon.

We were very slow getting going this the time we had showered, done our exercises, had breakfast and cleaned up, it was close to noon by the time we headed out in the truck. I had researched a bicycle store to take Steve’s bicycle to have the flat tires fixed. We were off to Orange Cycles in Orlando. We found the bike store in a cool area with lots of shops and restaurants. As Steve pulled the truck into the back parking lot, he caused quite a stir (as usual) with all the fellows working in the shop. One fellow asked if he could take a picture.

We really wanted new bikes so we decided to check out what they had. The fellow helping us was really good and you should have seen his face light up when we said that we were from Victoria. He had been to Victoria for a bike race 2 years ago and loved it! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the bike style we wanted in a medium frame for Steve. We also decided that we shouldn’t buy anything before checking our bike rack to ensure it could hold the different style of bike. So, Steve had two new tires put on his bike and we were off. The $57.00 repair is more than we could ever get for our hardly used 20 year old bikes!

Our next stop was the Altamonte Mall...yes, I got to go to a mall!!! I told Steve that the only thing that could make it better would be having the whole afternoon...and being by myself! But we had a shoes for Steve and a new (bigger) suitcase for our trip home. Our mission complete it was time to head back to the truck.

Driving along I-4 to the mall we had noticed a place called Parker Boats that Steve thought might service boat motors so we set that as our next destination. We got a little mad at Serena because the route she was taking us on was on the wrong side of the freeway but we soon realized that she had it right because we took a road that went under the freeway (I guess she took us that route because there was no exit off the freeway at that particular spot). Anyway we found Parker Boats, Steve went in only to find that they do not service Johnson boat motors. They did give him a name of a company that does but when I tried putting the address into Serena, there were no matches....hmmmm....fine...we’ll just head back to the campground then!

Back at the trailer Steve discovered that the shoe box that should have contained his old shoes had the new shoes he exchanged. Great....back to the mall tomorrow!

Steve got a campfire going while I made spaghetti sauce for dinner. Once that was done, I left it to simmer and joined Steve at the campfire. It was not nearly as cold out this evening as it had been the night before. We sat enjoying a great fire until it was time to go inside and have dinner.

We had our usual was Survivor night!

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