Friday, November 19, 2010 (Laura S. Walker State Park, GA)

What a gorgeous view that greeted me this morning as I opened the window blinds! It was going to be another lovely day. I sat in my recliner with my coffee and laptop and looked up often to take in the beautiful view we have of the lake. It was still too cool to be sitting outside...will have to wait for the sun to do its magic!

We weren’t planning on leaving the campground today; instead we thought we’d have a relaxing day around here. The main thing we wanted to do was get a satellite signal so we could watch TV...I miss the BCTV Morning News! What a huge frustration that was! We spent over 3 hours at it! Even after a call to ShawDirect and getting the satellite coordinates from them, we still couldn’t latch onto the signal. After a second call to Shaw, we determined that it could possibly be the LNB arm on the dish that is malfunctioning. Great...sure, it’s under warranty but they can’t ship a replacement to us down here...they offered to send out a technician...yes, please...our current address is Waycross, Georgia! Hmmmm....guess not, eh? So now we will see if we can find a technician locally who can come out and at least confirm what the problem is. Depending on the cost, we may just go ahead and buy a replacement here and then get a warranty replacement (as a backup) when we are back in Canada next April.

It was after 3:00 by the time we had given up on the satellite dish...and time for a power walk around the campground! It is obviously a very busy park during the summer months as there are 2 big group camp shelters, numerous group picnic shelters as well as a big playground and swimming pool. Swimming in the lake is prohibited because of the alligators...haven’t seen any yet, though. On the other side of the park there are a few small (and very rustic looking) cabins. There are also some hiking trails that we will have to explore another day.

We sat enjoying the late afternoon sun with a cocktail before dinner. It certainly cools down quickly as the sun gets lower in the sky. I had to go in and put some sweats on. But with no campfire, it was just getting too cool to stay out and besides it was time to go in and put the water on for the spaghetti.

We had met our neighbours this morning and they had invited us over to join them by a campfire tonight. Dottie and Vic are from Long Island, New York and since retiring in 2004, spend 5 months each year travelling. They are avid golfers and have developed many friendships down in this area.

We visited with them for just over an hour and then returned home to watch some shows that Steve had PVR’d. Since the satellite dish was still hooked up, we are able to watch them....strange...the dish has to be hooked up in order to watch anything that has been downloaded.

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