Monday, November 15, 2010 (Fort McAllister State Park, GA)

I had my usual start to the day...up just before 7:00. It looked like it was going to be another beautiful day...a perfect day to go to Tybee Island. Tybee Island, from what I’ve read in the pamphlet, is supposed to be a quaint little community with a beautiful beach. It is just a short distance east of Savannah and is touted as “Savannah’s Beach”.

I went down to the bathhouse and took a shower...we have electrical hook-up and water but no sewer which means we have all the water we need for a shower but our grey-water holding tanks would be full in no time if we took showers in the trailer. So even with water hook-up, we still need to be careful of how much water we use...sheesh!

Once back, I made sandwiches for a picnic lunch today...we are retired and on a fixed income, so we can’t afford to be eating out all the time...drats!! By this time it was 9:30 and we were good to go. On the way out of the campground, we stopped at the dumpster to dump our garbage and as Steve put his foot on the brake, it made a funny grinding sound and then the ABS light, the service brake light and a loud warning alarm tone all went on....great... We drove the mile and a half to the Park entrance and the office...we’re going to need to use a phone! Luckily, the brakes seem to be working okay. After about an hour of being on the phone first with GM Customer Service USA who told Steve we had no warranty and then GM Canada who said we did have warranty, we were given the name of a local company that did warranty work on our truck type. I wasn’t too comfortable about going out on the highway with breaks that we weren’t sure were going to work. But once we fired up the truck, all the warning lights and alarm were was like nothing had happened. We were still going to Roberts Truck Center in Garden City (just east of Savannah) to have it looked at anyway!

We arrived at Roberts Truck Center at about 11:30 a.m. It is a large, busy business with a lot of big semi-trucks being repaired. Ronny took all the information needed to get approval for the warranty work and once approved, told us they were very busy but would try to get to it this afternoon. Great...I didn’t like the “try” part...but hey, what could we do? So we took our picnic lunch and sat at the cement employee picnic table where we were joined by Joe, a very nice fellow, as we ate our lunch.

And there we stayed for the afternoon, being joined by various employees coming out for a smoke break. A mechanic did come out and get our truck and drive it into one of the bays...good, they were at least “getting to it” this afternoon. Just before 3:30, a fellow came and told us the problem was with a ‘flow switch’ and it would have to be replaced. Unfortunately, one was not to be had in Savannah so it would have to be ordered in which meant they would not get it until Wednesday. On the bright-side, we could take the truck and bring it back then, so we wouldn’t have to rent a car.

So, it was just after 3:30 when we left Roberts Truck Center. After a quick stop at Camping World to pick up some new water filters, we were home shortly after 4:30. Well, that had certainly not been the way I had expected to spend our day. Oh well, thank goodness the problem happened when it did and not as we were boogying down the Interstate pulling the 5th wheel!

Our evening was pretty much the same as we have been having lately...bevies in front of the campfire, dinner and a movie.

We were going to try for Tybee Island tomorrow....

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