Friday, November 26, 2010 (Laura S. Walker State Park, GA)

Well, if I said we had nothing on the agenda for yesterday, today would be the ultimate in non-agenda days. Rain was in the forecast but it really didn’t look too bad out there when we got up. There were broken clouds and a beautiful sunrise but as Steve left the trailer to go for his shower, it started sprinkling out...hmmm...guess there is a big cloud right above us. It didn’t last long and it ended up being a pretty warm, sunny morning.

Roy and Sandy headed out at about 9:30. We were out to watch him hook up his SUV to the motor home and say our goodbyes. They again encouraged us to call them upon our return to Florida after Christmas. I think we’s always nice having someone show us around!

Just before noon we thought we should get out for a walk while we could. Dark clouds were heading in! As we were on our power walk around the nature trail, we had a few sprinkles fall on us...yikes, I hope we can get back before it starts raining! We did but the wind was picking up and really dark clouds were coming in from the north. Just as Steve started barbequing hot dogs for lunch, it started to pour! Holy Cats! When it rains around here, it pours!! We couldn’t even stand outside under the awning because the wind was whipping the rain underneath.

And it poured all afternoon...and into the evening! We even had to change our plans for barbequing hamburgers for dinner...opting for tacos that I could make inside. Needless to say, we spent the afternoon and evening inside. Steve was watching his favourite TV channel...The Military Station...and I worked for a long time on uploading pictures to our blog. Once I had that done, I read my book...a pretty darn relaxing day!

I have no pictures of our rainy day today so thought I would end todays posting with a picture of an alligator that Steve took the other day....

And a picture of the decorations up at the entrance to the State Park...

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