Thursday, November 25, 2010 (Laura S. Walker State Park, GA)

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! We really didn’t have anything on the agenda for today. The main thing I wanted to do was get our travel journal up to date and posted, along with pictures, on our blog. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a slow, slow process uploading pictures when using the Rogers Rocket Stick down here...patience, Dianne!

After we got the morning dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up, Steve headed out for a boat ride to see if he could see some alligators. I hunkered down with my laptop and wrote...trying to remember what we did over the past few days. I hate it when I’m unable to keep the journal up-to-date. My usual routine is that I write the previous day’s first thing each morning. But occasionally, I’m unable to do that or decide to do something else...I was behind today mainly because instead of writing yesterday morning, I had chosen to see if uploading pictures to the blog would be faster in the morning. It didn’t seem to matter and the consequence of this decision was that I would have to write two days the next morning. I’m really glad that I am keeping the journal/blog, though. It is amazing how quickly you forget (or should I say, “I” forget) exactly what we did each day.

I was still working away when Steve returned and asked if I wanted to go for a walk this afternoon. Sounds like a plan...I’m almost finished here. We headed out for our “usual” walk on the Nature Trail. I had my pedometer with me...I was still trying to get it set correctly. After the loop, it was still out...sheesh, guess I’m going to have to keep walking this loop until I get it right...but not today. On the way back, we decided to walk through the day use area. There were a bunch of cars parked down there so there must be a Thanksgiving gathering in one of the group shelters.

Once back, we relaxed in the shade with a cold bottle of water...whew, it was hot! I checked the Weather Network and found out that the current temperature was 79 degrees and 86 with the humidex. Okay...yeah...I am rubbing it all our family and friends back home where they are experiencing cold and snow!

I left Steve outside having an afternoon siesta while I went back inside to try getting some pictures uploaded to the blog. After much perseverance, I managed to get Monday and Tuesday’s postings finished and posted. That just left yesterday’s to do and since we had had a full day, I had lots of pictures I wanted to include...that would take more time...and patience!

A little later in the afternoon, we had an invitation from Roy to come over and have a tour of their motor home. We also took our road atlas with us because Sandy had offered to show us the locations of some of the parks they have stayed at. We spent a couple of hours visiting with them...very nice, down-to-earth, genuine people. We discussed our plans when we return to Florida in January and they were emphatic that we call them since they do not live far from Orlando. They would be more than happy to show us some of the sights in their area. After exchanging contact information, and taking pictures, we headed back to our trailer. They were leaving tomorrow but we would see them and say our goodbyes before they take off.

Well, having received no invitations for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, we had our own...barbecued chicken breast (instead of turkey) and stove-top stuffing. After dishes, we settled in to watch some TV...unfortunately most programs seemed to be re-runs that we had already seen...probably because it was Thanksgiving here.

After trying unsuccessfully to have a Skype call with Chris, I settled for MSN texting back and forth with him. After working long hours for the past week or so to meet a milestone date, he is looking forward to a more “relaxing” day at work tomorrow and actually taking the whole weekend off. We are looking forward to seeing him and catching up when we are all “home” at Rob and Angie’s for Christmas.

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