Sunday, November 14, 2010 (Fort McAllister State Park, GA)

We decided to have a nice relaxing day today...a “down day” from all the sightseeing. We each did our exercise routine and by the time we had done that, had breakfast and cleaned up, it was 11:30. Another very fast morning!

I finished up the travel journal so it was ready to be copied and pasted over to our blog and then downloaded all the pictures Steve had taken the previous two days. I was now ready to pack up my laptop and drive up to the park office and use the free WiFi so that I could post entries to our blog.

I left Steve to relax by himself while I went to the office. They don’t really have an area to set up your laptop...only a wooden bench in the reception area but there are chairs in the lecture room where we watched the video, so that is where I sat with the laptop on my lap. I was sitting in there for almost 2 hours—it takes time to pick out which pictures to post and then upload them! I also managed to download last week’s Survivor episode as well as last Thursday’s CSI.

After almost 2 hours, I had had enough...besides the laptop battery was almost dead and I had not bothered to bring the cords to plug it in. I packed up and headed back to the campsite. Well...I have no problem driving the truck as long as I am going forward...not so good going in reverse, though. Steve was directing as I was backing into our site...I missed the big trees but there was a low wooden sign that I didn’t see... Yup, I scraped the boat-loader post on it. I felt so bad...Steve is so particular about the truck...and it had just been repainted...sorry, honey...

Steve resumed his his chair outside reading...and I joined him for a bit before we decided to go for a walk. The campground had gone from being completed full to almost empty today. There were a few people down at the pier fishing but it didn’t look like they were having much luck...mainly just enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We continued until we found the Magnolia Nature Trail. It was only about a mile long but it was a pleasant walk.

Once back, I decided to take the truck into Richmond Hill to pick up some milk...when I got back, I figured I'd better let Steve back it up into the campsite. I had no argument there...gee...I thought he would have let me do it, after all, I do need more practice...haha!

By this time, it was campfire time. As I’ve said before, we are really enjoying our campfires! We enjoyed a couple of bevies and a visit from a fellow walking his dog before it was time to get dinner on.

After dinner and dishes, we sat down to watch the 2 shows that I had downloaded that day...only to find that the Survivor episode is the one we had just seen...oh right, we didn’t miss last week’s episode after all! And the CSI download had not worked...sheesh! Okay, we’ll watch another movie...another of the many Dennis had downloaded for us...thanks Den!

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