Saturday, November 13, 2010 (Fort McAllister State Park, Richmond Hill, GA)

We were going into Savannah today so wanted to get an earlier start that usual. That didn’t really mean getting up earlier; it just meant I had to get my butt in gear a little faster. I was up just before 7:00 with my coffee working on the journal. I won’t be able to get it posted today...that will have to wait until I go up to the free Wi-Fi at the park office. The connection I am getting on my Rogers Rocket Stick here at the campsite is very intermittent and I know that even if I could get the dialogue posted on the blog, there is no way that I’d be able to attach any pictures.

We were on our way into Savannah just after 9:30—it was about a 30 to 40 minute drive. We found our way to Old Savannah Tours, purchased our tickets and were ready for the 90 minute trolley tour. We had purchased the “on/off tour” which meant that you could get off and explore the area at any of the 15 stops along the way and get back on again and continue the tour.

It was another gorgeous, sunny day but definitely cooler. There were lots and lots of tourists taking in the sights of Old Savannah but unlike us, most were wearing long pants. Maybe the few others we saw wearing shorts were also crazy Canucks!

As we started our tour, the driver told us that the tours this company gives are not scripted like others, rather each guide gives his own tour—they have 15 stops so that if you were to get off at one and then back on, you’d likely have a different guide who gives their own personal version of the tour. Our guide was good but we found him to be a little hard to could be a combination of his southern accent along with the roar of the diesel engine as we sat at the back of the trolley.

Just like Beaufort (and the whole east coast), there is just so much history here...the architecture of the buildings is beautiful and quite unique in some cases. Over 800 heritage buildings were destroyed before the Savannah Heritage Society was, there are strict guidelines for construction and all have to be approved by the Society. Even brand new buildings must “look” like the old ones.

This is the building that Henry Ford sold his first care from.  By the way, Henry Ford led the restoration of Savannah back in the early 1930's...
We decided to get off the trolley at the River Street stop (#11). The old commercial buildings along the 10 block riverfront have been refurbished into a major tourist area with lots of shops and restaurants. The street down to the River Street is paved with what looks like old cobblestones but are actually rocks used as ballast in the old sailing ships that transported the cotton to is all very cool. It was a tad before noon when we decided to beat the rush and selected The Shrimp Factory for lunch. Good choice! Steve had their special, Shrimp and Grits, while I had the Boiled Shrimp Lunch. Both came with their “Caesar Style Salad” and blueberry muffins (odd combination) and both were delicious! 
After lunch we wandered up and down the riverfront taking in the sites...and a few of the shops.

Memorial to Veterans of WWII...that fellow was actually posing for his wife who was  taking a picture beside Steve....
These are pictures of City Hall...

It was about 1:30 when we boarded the trolley again and continued the tour. Once back at the Visitors Centre, we decided to take the tour again and get off by the old cemetery to see it and the surrounding area a bit better. The tour guide on this trolley, Chris, was an absolute scream! His combination in knowledge of the area mixed with humour kept everyone on the trolley in stitches the whole time. He was excellent! He was born and raised in Savannah and, as he explained, took a great interest in its history. His love of Savannah and its history truly shows through the enthusiasm and passion of his tour. In fact, he was so good we decided to stay on the trolley for the whole tour rather than get off and explore the cemetery.

We were back at the truck just after 4:00 and with the help of Serena (GPS), made our way back out of the city. We stopped at Kroger’s (a huge grocery store) for a few groceries...mainly hot dogs (because we had decided to roast them over the campfire for dinner tonight).

It was 5:30 and getting dark by the time we got home. Steve built the campfire while I put the groceries away. We are really enjoying being able to have a campfire. After a glass of wine, I went in to prepare the hot dog buns and wrap them in foil. When I came out I left them sitting on the picnic table (with the hot dogs wrapped in a paper towel) while we enjoyed another drink before dinner. All of sudden there was a commotion behind us...and there on the table was a racoon! Thankfully Steve was able to shoo it away quickly before he got at our dinner! Needless to say, removed the buns and dogs off the table. The little fellow was rather persistent though, because he was back up on the table minutes later. Of course, once Steve had his camera ready to take his picture, the little guy didn`t return...figures!

We roasted our hot dogs and sat by the campfire a bit longer before deciding to go inside and watch a movie. I tried really hard to stay awake for this one...but found myself nodding off even if I was actually sitting up!

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