Thursday, January 29, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

As forecast, we woke to clouds this morning...and although the sun tried to break through on a couple of occasions, it didn't succeed. Shortly after 9:00 Steve got on his quad and took a ride down to the picnic shelter area where a bunch of us RV-Dreamers will be gathering for a little reunion this afternoon. He just wanted to take a look before we headed down later to get set up.

Once back, he loaded a bunch of stuff into the back of the truck...things we'd need for this afternoon. There, we're all set and ready to go...just the cooler that we'll pack later.

Since we had time to spare, we relaxed for a bit...went for a walk...and then relaxed a bit more. Shortly after 12, we loaded the cooler onto the truck and headed down to the picnic area and set up the barbecue, table and chairs. A few minutes later, Allen and Donna arrived. There wasn't really a fire pit available at the picnic area because nearby campers were using it, so Alan drove back home to get their portable metal fire pit. Apparently the fire pit and firewood they brought was originally from the RV-Dreams Rally they attended back east earlier in the Howard and Linda (RV-Dreams) are with us in spirit!

Others started arriving and soon we had tables full of food...and chairs circled around the campfire! (left to right...Loretta, Allen (standing), Donna, Cheryl, Bonnie and Diane)
Steve grilling the hot dogs...

Loretta, Donna and Cheryl sitting chatting...Dave, Tom and Allen behind...with Steve at the barbecue...

Allen , Tom, Dave, Steve and Doug...

Time to eat!

Steve, Diane and Dave...

Allen , Donna, Cheryl, Tom, Doug and Bonnie...

Les, Sue, Loretta, Allen , Donna and Cheryl...

Steve, Dave, Les, Diane and Gina...

Showing off our RV-Dreams Rally T-shirts...Cheryl and Tom (2011 rally), Dave, me and Steve (2012 fall rally)...
Jim and Doug...
Loretta, Gina and Melba...
Me, Dave and Diane...

Sue and Les (sitting) with Gina, Melba and Loretta behind them...

The dueling trucks! Big Boomer (Les and Sue's) beside Buster...

And finally, a group picture!
Front row...Steve, Loretta, Diane, Dave and Jim;
Middle row...Me and Melba;
Back row...Les, Sue, Allen , Donna, Gina, Bonnie, Doug, Tom and Cheryl
Also known as:
Les and Sue (bigboomer), Allen and Donna (Fergizmo), Jim and Melba (Beauty and the Beast)
Dave and Diane (Hdrider)

There were 16 of us enjoying the afternoon together...we missed Red and Pam (el Rojo and Pam); Dale and Ruth (NWescapee); and Kyra (Trix) who were not able to join us. It was so very good seeing everyone, particularly Loretta, who drove out from Phoenix to join us. Unfortunately, she lost her husband, Bill, last month after a very short good to see that she is wanting to continue this lifestyle! All the best, Loretta...know that you have the love and support of your RV-Dreams family!

Unfortunately we in the west are not able to attend the rallies in the east this year but we are all with you in spirit! As bigboomer said so well..."this is a testament to what Howard and Linda started that keeps on building"!

Safe travels to all...may our paths continue to cross!


  1. And what a fun day it was! We really enjoyed it.

  2. I had a great time. It was so good seeing everyone again. Next time I will be driving. :-) Thank you Steve and Diane for getting us all together. Safe travels.

  3. I hope this is an annual event so Vicki and I can make it starting next year.
    Vicki & Harry

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all, I read all the comments on the RV Dreams forum and everyone really appreciated you two putting this together. Do it again next year and we will attend!

    1. We really didn't do much Jim other than secure the location which was no big deal. Everyone else made it happen. I think we have to talk Howard and Linda into coming out west to put on another Rally. :-)

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