Wednesday, January 7, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

I had no sooner said to Steve this morning, "I wonder when Ray and Deb are going to arrive", when the "bling" sounds indicating we have an was from Deb. They had found a spot about a half mile further up the road from us so had moved in yesterday afternoon rather than risk it being taken today. It is on a nice sandy part of the wash which is good for Freya's paws as they tend to get very sore with all of the running she does while playing her favorite game...fetching the stick.

So after breakfast, we walked down to see them...we were going to ride the quads but opted for some exercise instead (good on us...haha!).
Sitting outside their rig visiting....Deb, Steve and Ray...

And Freya...

We chatted for a bit, invited them to join us later this afternoon over at Red and Pam's for a small gathering of some fellow RV-Dreamers...and then we headed home. Steve wanted to go with Red into town to visit Discount Solar...Red wants to discuss solar options for his new rig.

With the guys gone, Pam and I decided to take the dogs for a walk...and while doing that, we thought we'd take our GPS's and do a little geocaching. There was one that we hadn't been able to find (Steve and I had found it a couple of years ago), so I had asked Bob about it (it was his cache). Well, he checked it out and obviously it has disappeared so today when we scoured the area, we found it...with a brand new log.

We ended up going further to another geocache after finding it, started home. We arrived home just as Red and Steve were pulling up...Pam and I, along with Codie, Dominic and Heidi had walked 3 miles. Poor Dominic and Heidi, the older dogs, were pretty much beat by the time we got back...good on them for making it! I was afraid we might have to pick up Dominic (a big old Golden Retriever) and carry him home!

We weren't back long before a truck pulled was Gina along with a friend, Dave. Gina is a fellow RV-Dreamer that we first met at the RV-Dreams rally in September, 2012 at Harrisburg, Oregon...then later at the boondocking rally in Quartzsite February 2013. It was so good seeing her again! Red invited them over for the gathering at their place later on...looking forward to catching up some more!

We had lunch and then I worked on our blog while Steve thing we knew it was going on 4:00. Time to head over to Red and Pam's. Here are Gina, Ruth and I...unfortunately, Ruth's husband Dale, is not feeling well so he stayed home...
Everyone is chit-chatting away...Red and Dave (standing), Ray and Debbie (Dave's wife)...
Deb and Steve....awww....

Gina, Debbie and Dave didn't stay for dinner, but the rest of us chowed down on chili-dogs as we sat around the campfire...(me, Ray, Deb, Red and Pam)

Another beautiful Quartzsite sunset...

We had a great time chatting around the campfire until around 8:00 when we all decided to call it a night...another great evening, enjoying our lifestyle and sharing time with friends!


  1. Nice to have more friends show up! Did Red and Pam get their new rig yet? Would love to see some pictures of it when they do.

    1. Not yet...still waiting for the paperwork issue to be resolved. We'll let him know you want pics.

  2. People sure are starting to gather in Q. Fun times. We had our original solar installed by Discount and was very happy with it. In fact we will be having them double the size of our system on the new rig when we arrive in Q on the 14th.
    See you all soon!!!

    1. I think there are fewer rigs here than previous years at this time but it's still getting busy. Perhaps many of our fellow countrymen have stayed home because of our weak Canadian dollar this year...just over $0.84 this morning. :-(
      We look forward to catching up with you guys!

  3. Looks like another great time. Geocaching and friends! I didn't know Red & Pam were getting a new rig. How nice!