Friday, January 16, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Steve and Red were off to the RC airfield again this morning...this time taking Dave along too. Pam and I both opted to stay home and enjoy a little alone time.

On the way into Quartzsite, the guys stopped so Red could get a picture with his girlfriend...a rather life-looking manikin set up on the corner of hwy 95 and Kuehn Road...too funny! When Red first arrived in Q he thought she was real and was very disappointed when Steve told him she wasn't real, so he has taken a bit of a ribbing and has been a great sport:-)

Unfortunately Steve opted not to take his Nikon camera with telephoto lens so of course there were more flyers with nicer planes. Today the same guy that accidentally cut up his friend yesterday blew a landing, then lost control narrowly missing the three of them, the plane rolled upside down then dove and crashed just a few feet in front of a car that was leaving but braked in time. Sheesh...this is a dangerous spectator sport!

Red and Dave...

They arrived back home just before noon...Pam and the dogs had stopped by for a visit and we were sitting outside in the sunshine chatting. After lunch, we put the awning back down and the sunshade back up...there doesn't seem to be any high wind in the forecast, for now anyway!

At about 1:15 Deb stopped by to pick me up. Geeks on Tour is putting a course on making Google Maps that we thought might be interesting. So off we went into Quartzsite. It was good and we did learn a few things and picked up a few pointers but with the older, less tech-savy folks, it was a little slow. We ended up having to excuse ourselves just before 3:30...I needed to get home and get dinner prepared because we were having Deb and Ray over for dinner.

We sat outside enjoying another lovely late afternoon...and beautiful sunset...

And then headed inside for dinner. After dinner we sat chatting...we had thought we might try playing a game of Rummikub but we never got around to it. Oh well...another great evening nonetheless!


  1. Poor Red! You've really got to be careful of those crash landings! Beautiful sunset, as usual!

  2. you all must be parked at the opposite end of all the 'madness' known as the 'Q'!!..

  3. Slight delay. Maybe today. Probably tomorrow.