Saturday, January 3, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Okay...enough of these below freezing mornings! You know it's cold outside when you need to have both the catalytic heater AND the furnace on just to get the temperature over 60F in the trailer!

Steve and Red headed into town just before 9:30...they were going to fill up propane tanks, get drinking water and pick up a few things that Red was after. While they were gone, I stayed warm inside sitting in the sunshine at the dining table working on the laptop.

This little fellow actually stayed at the feeder long enough for me to grab my camera and take a picture...usually you have to have camera in hand and ready if you want to get a picture...

I helped Pam create a pocket query and download the geocaches for this area. She has a new Garmin Montana 600 to help her out with her new hobby. Then it was time to set out to hunt down the closest cache...she found it!

Unfortunately, we were skunked on our second geocache...after checking out the area where it was supposed to be, we finally gave up and headed back. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a lovely walk out in the desert.

While we were gone, Red got out his quadcopter...
...and was flying it when we got back...
You have to look's there...

With the toys put away, Pam and Red came over and we sat outside in the late afternoon sunshine enjoying happy hour. It's so nice to be able to sit outside again!

But as the sun went down behind the mountains, it cooled right down and we headed inside for dinner...Pam and Red brought over burgers and Steve grilled them...yum!

Then we brought out the Rummikub game. We had such a fun evening! We were laughing so much our faces were getting sore! Another great day and evening with friends!


  1. I did not know Red had a quadcopter, totally jealous! Had I known that I would have made it get it out and show me!

  2. Looks like another great time!!