Sunday, January 11, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Monday morning was a work morning...Steve emptied our tanks and I did some baking. Our goal was to get this stuff over with quickly so we could get out on our quads.

It was just after 12:30 when we headed out. We knew Gina was somewhere at the Road Runner BLM, a 14-day free camping area, it was just a matter of finding her. Well, we had no problem! She is set up with her friends Dave and Debbie, from Texas...she calls them her "adopted parents".
Gina was having a bit of an issue with her electrical, so Dave was giving her a hand and found a blown fuse...

Debbie took this picture for, Steve and Gina in front of her Pace Arrow...

We sat and chatted with Gina, Dave and Debbie and then when the wind started to come up, we thought we had better get home...we had left our awning down. Of course, there was no wind in the forecast! When we got home, though, there was barely a breath of wind but as we sat visiting with Red and Pam a little while later, it did start up...okay, we'd better take the sun screen off and retract the awning.

With the wind, came the clouds...and a 60% chance of rain, so we decided rather than ride our quads down to Ray and Deb's place, we'd better take the truck. They had invited us over for a campfire and dinner. Steve parked the truck to help block the wind...

We managed a little "around the campfire time" before it just got to cold and windy for Deb and I so we headed inside. A short while later, the guys also came had started to rain.

It was time for Deb to get dinner going. Well, she had spent a good part of the day just preparing everything so that she'd just have to cook it...homemade chicken chowmein, barbecued pork fried rice and mushrooms and bok choy. Wow!

Freya was laying on the sofa beside me when she decided she wanted more attention...

When Steve came back to his chair, she decided she really was a lap dog...too funny!

Ray helping Deb put the final touches on dinner...

As usual, Deb cooked up an awesome dinner...cheers to the cook!

Hmmm...only chopsticks? I think Steve and I are going to need a fork...we don't have all night to eat! LOL!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a great evening with great friends...thanks Deb and Ray!


  1. I hear Pam and Red are friends of Paul and Sue. Now we really must get together in Quartzsite.

  2. Steve and Dianne,

    We are all set up in Q at the MOC circle off Plomosa Rd.

    Already enjoying our first sunset.....truly awesome!

    We are planning to be near the Escapees rally on Wednesday from 1 to 3 near the Big Tent.....

    Not sure what you plans are but maybe we can meet Wednesday late morning or later in afternoon.....we would like to see the La Posa area to if you are up to it....

    We certainly do not want to intrude on your plans...

    Let us what works for...if not Wed maybe some other day....

  3. Better safe than sorry with the awning, I saw someone rip theirs off while in Canada last year!

    1. You got that right. We helped a guy last year with his torn awning on his brand new trailer last year at Lake Pleasant.