Monday, January 12, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was late morning by the time Steve and I decided to get outside for some exercise. We do enjoy our lazy mornings...and if it is an exercise and shower day, well...the day is half over by the time we are out and about ready to do anything!

I had contacted Alan and Donna ("The Fergs") last night to see if they would be available for a visit this afternoon. They are fellow RV-Dreamers that we met at the Oregon rally in 2012 and have connected anytime we are in the same area. They are set up over off Plomosa Road so we thought we would take a drive over and pop in for a visit.

As it turned out, Red and Pam wanted to meet them, so offered to drive us over. After lunch, we piled into Red's truck and the four of us set off.
With directions from The Fergs, we had no problem finding their spot and enjoyed a nice visit with them catching up...

After a stop at The General Store in Quartzsite, we were home around 3:30. Pam and Red, along with "the kids" (Codie, Dominic and Heidi) came over and joined us for happy hour. A little while later, Bob also dropped by on his RZR and he joined us for a beer. We actually managed to stay outside a little longer than usual. After the sun goes down, it usually gets too cold but we braved it a little longer and enjoyed a bit of a sunset...

Tomorrow we are going to drive with Red and Pam to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and hike into see Palm Canyon. We thought we'd also see if Ray and Deb want to come along....should be fun!

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  1. Nice that you were able to catch up with The Fergs! I know they had gone south for a bit to warm up but they must have made it back. We just got to Texas where we were welcomed with temps in the 30's!