Monday and Tuesday, January 19 and 20, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had our usual start to the day and after breakfast and getting cleaned up, we sat outside in the sunshine warming up. Red popped over for a few minutes and then headed back to get packed up. He and Pam are leaving La Posa South today, but only going a short distance up to join a group of SKP's off Plomosa Road.

Just before 11:00, we headed off on our quads...we stopped to say goodbye to Red and Pam and then continued on into Quartzsite, going through La Posa South, west through La Posa Tyson Wash to Old Yuma Road and north through La Posa West to Tyson Wash. After that, it was just a short distance to the west entrance to the RV Show. What an absolute zoo! There is extra parking in the wash but there are signs warning "Enter at your own risk"...however, there were pickup trucks totally stuck. A tow truck could likely make a little extra money there! We found a spot to park the quads and then headed to Beer Belly's Adult Day Care to meet friends for lunch.

Bob and Karen are another couple that we met at the RV-Dreams Rally in September, 2012 and have kept in touch with. They are only in the area for a couple of nights, so we arranged to meet them for lunch. Here we, Karen, Dave, Diane and Bob...

We enjoyed an hour or so catching up and then decided we should give our table up to the crowds entering the bar. Great seeing you...hopefully next time we'll have a chance to spend a little longer together!

After hugs and handshakes, we said goodbye to Bob and Karen. Dave and Diane will be spending a little longer in the area...we look forward to seeing more of you both!

Steve and I had a couple of things we thought we'd take care of today at the RV Show. First of all, we walked across the street to a vendor where we picked up some new cord for our anti-gravity chairs. They are both old, but there is nothing wrong with them other than needing restringing. Unfortunately, the only color they had was navy blue...oh well, it will have to do, but black would have been better.

After that we wandered through a few new Montana Fifth-Wheels and then headed for the "Big Tent". We were looking for the kiosk where we had bought our LED lights. We got them two years ago and they have a lifetime warranty. So when one stopped working, we wanted to take it back for a replacement. Last year we also had to return one for replacement. We finally found the vendor...apparently the kind of lights we have are now obsolete but luckily, they still have some replacements available.
The Big Tent...

Well, that's it for the crowds for today...we plan on returning, likely Thursday, when my brother and sister-in-law are here. We returned to our quads and headed back home.

As we were driving through La Posa South, we thought we'd take a look around a group of motorcoaches to see if by chance Alan and Cec, and Rob and Joyce had arrived. Sure enough Cec and Alan greeted us...Rob and Joyce were still in the sani-dump line up. After chatting for a few minutes, we continued on home...Steve had work to do, our holding tanks need to be emptied!

After the work was done, it was time to relax...we've been so busy that we decided we needed a quiet we had an early dinner and then watched a little TV before heading to bed.

Tuesday morning, after our coffee, we did our resistance exercises...something we have been sloughing off lately...and after showers, breakfast and dishes, it was after 10:30 by the time I was ready to go! I was taking off in the truck by myself today, going to Parker on a shopping trip.

The traffic was insane going through was backed up about half way between La Posa North and La Posa South! The RV Show has brought people here in droves...along with traffic jams!

I had an awesome day out by myself...first stop was Walmart (where I ran into Pam...too funny!) and then onto Safeway. I was back home at 3:00...perfect timing to get all the groceries put away and get ready for company at 4:00!

While I was gone, Steve had a busy work day, changing the oil and cleaning the air filter in the generator, then cleaning the air filters in both quads.

Alan and Cec joined us for happy hour, followed a few minutes later by Rob and Joyce and Tom and Joyce (a new couple we have not met...welcome, it was great meeting them!). Left to, Rob, Tom, Joyce, Joyce, Cec and Alan...

We enjoyed a lovely couple of hours catching up...along with another awesome sunset...and then everyone headed home. Looking forward to see more of you all in the coming week(s)!


  1. Bummer to see Red and Pam move on! It is hard to imagine traffic being that bad, the town must be a zoo.

    1. Yes, it's an absolute zoo! Hopefully it calms down over the next week or so!

  2. nice that you got to go the 'Big Show'! one day we will see it all for ourselves!

    1. Yes, it is something you must experience at least once!