Sunday and Monday, January 4 and 5, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

After our usual start to the day, it was time to get moving. It was a work morning...Steve spent his time emptying the holding tanks and filling the fresh water tank. I was inside cleaning...with the generator running, I gave the place a good vacuuming. After that, I went onto making a pot of spaghetti sauce for dinner.

At 2:30 Red and Pam came over to get settled in front of the TV...the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Detroit Lions. They had planned on leaving here to go to an RV park where they could have cable TV to watch the game but since we have satellite, we told them to stay...and come on over to our place!

Our friends, Charlene and Dennis (currently at Blythe) are from Michigan, so for obvious reasons, were cheering for the Lions. So the FB messaging started back and forth between us...I was neutral, playing referee...but must admit due to watching the game with Red and Pam, got swept up in their enthusiasm.

They are definitely die-hard Cowboy fans! The game didn't start off so great for Dallas but by the fourth quarter, they rallied and after a few tense moments, ended up winning.

There was a beautiful sunset tonight...

After the game, it was time for our spaghetti dinner...and then Rummikub. Pam and Red won all games...obviously Steve and I need more practice!

Monday morning Steve captured this lovely picture of the moon...very cool!

Pam picked me...and our bags of dirty laundry...up shortly after 10:00. Yup, today is laundry day. Since Pam was going to use the laundromat dryers, I chose to dry our clothes there as well...besides, Teri was using the clothesline today.

Just before I left, our neighbor, Brian from next door arrived. He's installing an electrical sub panel in the trailer for us today. If you recall the other day we had no AC power coming in from our generator because of burnt wires on our inverter. When Camping World installed our inverter and solar in 2010 they failed to install a sub panel so that meant that all of our heavy loads ran through the inverter which is a no no. Thanks Camping World...we could have had a fire! For a better explanation on the sub panel click here.

After some lunch and a snooze Red was again ready to help supervise the install!

I must say it certainly has been handy...and a godsend to have a neighbor who has worked in the RV industry and is experienced in "in's and out's" of electric and solar power!

With all the work done, we relaxed outside at Red and Pam's and enjoyed this beautiful sunset...

...before heading inside for delicious soup that Pam had made. We finished up the evening with a couple of games of Joker...Pam and I wiped the guys! Lots of usual!!


  1. Yet another great day in the desert, even if one of them was laundry day!

  2. Love the picture of the moon and it looks like Red has his supervising role down to a "T"! Nice job Red!