Friday and Saturday, January 23 and 24, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was another chilly morning when Steve got up to put the coffee on...and the furnace. With the added sleeping bag on top of the air bed, Dennis and Suzanne had a much warmer night...thank goodness!

We relaxed with our morning coffee for a bit and then I got breakfast on...bacon, eggs and toast this morning! Dennis and Suzanne wanted to get an early start home today, so it was just before 10:00 when they had their car packed and ready to go...and after big hugs, they were on their way. It was so nice seeing them...such a great visit!

Steve and I spent the rest of the day puttering around cleaning up and putting things away. Steve also filled up the fresh water tank. A little later, we thought we'd get out for a walk...we made it as far as Bob and Sue's place and after chatting with them for a bit, went back home. Originally it was just to get a coat because the wind was chilly, but once at the trailer, we decided that was enough exercise.

We chilled in front of the TV all evening...completing our very lazy day!

Saturday wasn't all that much different...but we did get out a bit more. We rode our quads over and had a quick visit with Alan and Cec...and made plans to go out on a ride tomorrow.

After lunch, we drove into town to take a look at the vendors along the east side of Kuehn Road and run a couple of other errands. A few minutes after parking our truck, as we wandered along the vendors, we ran into Dave and Diane. We had a nice chat...looking forward to seeing them at our RV-Dreams mini reunion on the 29th!

A dog riding a mechanical bull...too funny!

And that was pretty much our day. Looking forward to spending the day out on the trails with Alan and Cec tomorrow!

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