Wednesday and Thursday, January 21 and 22, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Wednesday morning, Steve headed into town to get propane and fresh water. I cleaned up inside, vacuumed and then made the sauce for the lasagna I was planning for dinner tonight. We are having company stay with us for a couple of nights...yes, my brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Suzanne, are coming out from Indio, CA to visit.

Once Steve got back, he decided to re-string the chair that broke the other day. It was about 12:30 when we received a phone call from Suzanne...they were just driving through Quartzsite, so I gave them directions to where Steve would meet them...and Steve headed off on his quad.

 I had a spectacular greeting from Dunkin (their little Yorkie)...and after big hugs, we all sat outside chatting. It was a particularly windy day but at least it was coming from the north and the trailer made a great windbreak.

Dennis and Suzanne wanted to take a look at some of the motorcoaches and fifth-wheels at the RV Show, so we thought we'd go and wander around for a couple of hours. We really had no problem finding a parking spot, partially because it was later in the day but most likely because of the blowing dust and high winds today.

After going through a bunch of rigs, we checked out some of the vendors...we'll leave "the big tent" until tomorrow.

Back home, it was time to relax outside with a cocktail...(I'm holding Dunkin)...

...until the wind just got too chilly and we headed inside. Besides, I had to put the lasagna together anyway. Then it was time for dinner!

After dinner, we thought we'd give Rummikub a try. Dennis and Suzanne had never played before but were willing to learn and it wasn't long before they got the hang of it. My crazy sister-in-law is goofing off again! LOL!

Thursday morning Steve got up and put the coffee on and turned on the furnace. Although the queen-sized air mattress we had set up on the living room floor for our guests was comfy enough, we learned that they practically froze to death! Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but they were cold. Well, I guess I should have put a sleeping bag (or blanket) on the mattress before putting the sheets on. They had plenty of blankets on top...but needed something under them to shield from the cold floor. Dennis said it was like sleeping on a cold water bed...oops, sorry guys! We'll remedy that for tonight!

After changing our guest bedroom back into a living room, we enjoyed a relaxing time chatting over our morning coffee. We each had one of Suzanne's marvelous muffins...thanks, Suzanne, delicious as usual! And then we were off to the RV show. It was a little breezy this morning, but not nearly as windy as it had been yesterday, thank goodness.

We found a parking spot...a little more difficult this morning than it had been yesterday afternoon, but still not too bad. After wandering through the big tent, we continued outside. This is quite the remodeled motorhome! Apparently this 1974 Winnebago Master Tech RV Show Coach has $300,000 worth of remodeling and modifications including two slide outs to show off their capabilities! It was very beautifully done.

At 11:30 we decided to beat the rush and head over to Beer Belly's Adult Day Care for lunch. We had no problem getting a table in the sunshine and it was even protected somewhat from the wind...cheers! We all had burgers and beer (well, Dennis had pulled pork)...thanks for lunch, Dennis!

After lunch we continued wandering...this cool trike was parked along Kuehn Road. You'll notice it has a carrier on each side for a small dog...complete with a windshield on each...too cute!

We made our way back to the jeep and then headed off to RV Lifestyles to see if we could find any rubber grommets for our stovetop, or string for re-stringing our day/night shades. These are typical RV accessories, in my mind, that you would think could be found at an RV show...nope! Don't get me wrong, there are some RV related booths at the RV show but there are also a lot of non-related. Not sure what hot tubs, leather handbags, nail files and jewelry have to do with RV'ing.

After not having any luck at RV Lifestyles either, we made a stop at another group of vendors along Kuehn Road. Just a lot of rocks here...great for rockhounders but not much we were interested in.
Peppers and rocks?

We saw this cool Polaris Slingshot in the parking lot at La Mesa RV...which was our next stop. Steve googled it and found out there is an immediate stop sales and a recall on them for loss of steering due to defective bearings. You too can have one like this for around $27,000!

We looked through a bunch of fifth-wheels and motorcoaches there and then waited for Ken and Charlene to arrive. Ken and Charlene are friends from Cochrane, Alberta who are down visiting friends outside of Phoenix. Steve and Ken have been boyhood friends since Steve was 5 when they were neighbours in Regina, Saskatchewan. Well, they, along with their friends, Lynn and Bonnie, were on their way back to Athem, AZ after a few days in Palm Springs and wanted to stop to see us. So we met them at La Mesa and Steve rode with them back to our place while Dennis, Suzanne and I stopped to pick up some buns and then headed home.

We sat inside and had a nice visit...(left to right...Steve, Ken, Bonnie, Lynn, Charlene, Suzanne and Dennis)...and then they were off. A short visit, but great seeing you nonetheless!

Poor Dunkin is exhausted after such a busy day!

After dinner, Dennis, Suzanne, Steve and I settled in for another evening of Rummikub. Okay...I'm not going to glote but I had a very good night, winning five straight games! Dennis finished off the evening, winning the final game. We had a wonderful day and evening...!

This time, we put Steve's heavy-duty sleeping bag on the air mattress before the rest of the bedding...should be a much warmer night for our guests!


  1. Well we know where the parties are!...the two of you are such social butterflies! my goodness, I can't keep up!

    1. Haha! Yes, it's been a very busy time! We're having a hard time keeping up!!

  2. Found the grommets at K Tools(?) at the front counter...4 for $3.00...just down from the beer gardens.
    Bob Perry

  3. Hi Guys,
    We just came in last night and would like to stop by for a coffee. We are north of QS at the Plomosa Rd LTV. We have to go into town on Monday, let me know how to find you! GPS is OK or a phone # please.
    Janos Balogh & Maggie from Victoria BC, ( I wrote the story about you in RV Times)

    1. Hi Janos, I sent you a PM to the email address I had when we corresponded about the article you did on our truck.