Thursday and Friday, August 14 and 15, 2014 (Monck Provincial Park, Nicola Lake, Quilchena, BC)

It was a cloudy day again today...with another severe thunderstorm warming issued in the afternoon. We had a little rain and a couple of rumblings of thunder but nothing major...thank goodness!

Steve went out fishing for about an hour this morning but didn't have any luck...and he said that he only saw one fish on his fish-finder. 

After breakfast, we went out for a quick boat ride. Steve wanted to show me...and get some pictures of some of the homes along the lakefront.

There is just something about a log home...

This one even has a viewing tower...

There's our site...

Next on the agenda was a walk...there are a few geocaches in the park that we thought we'd hunt down.

The first one was on the other side of the day-use area...and we had one heck of a time finding it! It was about 20' away from where the co-ordinates zeroed out. Steve finally spotted it hidden in the middle of a bush...and had a fun time getting to it. Can you see him in the bush?

The next geocache ended up being up the hill, across the main road from the entrance to the park. At this point, the sun had come out just enough to make the climb up the hill very hot and we weren't really prepared for a longer hike up a hill, so we decided to leave that one for another day. Actually, there are a couple up there on a hiking trail.

Back home, we relaxed with a bottle of water and then had a light lunch. Afterwards, Steve thought he'd head out for another fish. He no sooner got out on the water with a line out and it started raining....needless to say, he wasn't out long!

We sat out under the awning, reading until late afternoon, when quite a wind came up and we decided to head inside....and that was pretty much our day!

Friday's forecast was for rain but it turned out to be a fairly nice day with sun breaking through the clouds and nice moderate temps in the mid 20s.

We decided to drive into Merritt today and do laundry, grocery shop and take care of a few errands. It was after 10:30 by the time we had bags of laundry ready and loaded into the truck. After a stop at the gatehouse to check with Toni that there was just the one laundromat in Merritt, and to see if she needed anything, we were on our way.

We took care of the laundry first...just shy of an hour and a half later it was done and we were outta there...Yay! (you know how much I love doing laundry!)  Then it was onto numerous errands including Home Hardware for some Gorilla Tape (so Steve could attempt another fix of the trailer underbelly), Lordco (to see if they had some kind of clips that Steve could use to assist in the fixing of the trailer underbelly), BC Liquor Store, Walmart, Petrocan Station for diesel and gas (chose it because it was the least busy and had the same prices), Extra Foods for groceries (note to self: go to Cooper Foods next time...Extra Foods, just off the highway, is fine if we are towing the trailer because of their big parking lot; Cooper Foods is a much nicer store with a better selection). Somewhere a midst all of these errands, we did managed a quick stop at AW for a quick bite for lunch.
I took a couple of pictures while driving the main street in Merritt...
This is the Coldwater Hotel...
 A pretty little Square...

It was after 4:30 by the time we were back at the park. As we were parking the truck in our site, a fellow that used to work for ITB (Intercontinental Truck Bodies), the company that built our truck, came by for a chat. Steve spoke to him for quite awhile...I had to get our groceries unpacked and into the fridge!

Then it was (finally) time to relax and enjoy a Friday night cocktail!
We had a visitor...

A wind surfer taking advantage of the increasing breeze. Also some pretty dark looking clouds coming in...


  1. It always seems that it is a 5 to 6 hour turn around everytime one goes to town even with the best intentions! Great pictures, we especially like the one for your Friday cocktail hour. :)

  2. Sound like you two are doing the rain dance... same here;o(( Time for the rains to get the heck out of here!!!