Monday, August 18, 2014 (Travel to Peter Hope Lake Recreation Site, Quilchena, BC)

It was 10:00 when we pulled out of our site and slowly wound our way through the campground to the gatehouse. We stopped there and Steve did his walk-around and we checked to ensure the lights were working properly.
Before heading out of the park, we walked over to take a picture of this huge ant hill...

So it was about 10:15 when we said goodbye to Monck Provincial Park and headed back to Merritt. We stopped for propane at a Husky station and then continued onto the Canadian Tire parking lot where there is a free sani-dump. After dumping the holding tanks and filling up with fresh water, we were on our way. 
We headed northeast, back on hwy 5A, going past Monck Park Road and continuing along the opposite side of Nicola Lake.

 The end of Nicola Lake...

Beautiful countryside!

Peter Hope Lake Road is about 42 kms along hwy 5A from Merritt...and the lake is 7.5 kms in on a gravel road. The road itself is not bad...a little washboard n spots but on the whole is in pretty good condition. BUT it was dusty!
The lake!

 It was going on 1:00 when we arrived at Peter Hope Lake Recreation Site and were greeted by Deb and Ray. We parked the rig along the side of the road and walked in to take a look at a few sites. The one that Ray had parked their car in to hold for us was perfect...waterfront, a spot for the boat...just a few sites down from them. Thanks guys! There is a fifth-wheel parked right beside us but they aren't here...the transmission in their truck went and they had to have it towed into Kamloops for repair.

We got backed into our site...were level side-to-side right off...and after unhitching, leveling front-to-back, and putting the slides out, we took our lunch and sat at Deb and Ray's picnic table visiting with them while we ate.

Then it was time to get to work! After the drive in on a gravel road, the inside of the trailer was very dusty...there was a thick layer of dust over the counter-top. So I pulled out the Swifer dusters while Steve got the generator out. Four dusters later, it was time to vacuum...a hot job on a hot day!

A couple of hours later, the trailer was clean and all unpacked and Steve had finished his set up outside...

...time to head over to Ray and Deb's and relax with a cocktail!

We enjoyed happy hour chatting and then were served a delicious dinner...homemade corn/prawn chowder. So good! Wow, such a great cook...thanks, Deb!

We sat and chatted more, enjoyed a piece of cherry pie...and then called it a night shortly after 8:00. Peter Hope Lake is a great little spot...I think we are really going to enjoy our time here...thanks for letting us "stalk" you Deb and Ray!!

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