Sunday to Wednesday, October 21 to 24, 2018 (Duncan RV Repairs, Elkhart, Indiana)

Our last few days in Elkhart were pretty uneventful as we waited for work on our fifth-wheel to be completed.

Sunday was laundry day...we took this picture on the way home outside a Harley Davidson dealership. Looks like they're lining up for a Sunday ride perhaps for a charity...
Back home, Steve went outside and washed the truck while I worked on a blog update all afternoon.

Monday, we were up and had the trailer ready by 8:00. We walked up to the office and sat in the waiting room all day. Steve worked on picture editing while I checked out various routes to take to Apache Junction...and took many walks outside. It was a sunny but cool day.

At 3:30 we got an update from Bill...there are still a few things to finish up tomorrow.

Tuesday was another day of waiting...thankfully they have a nice waiting room with free wifi! Steve sat on the laptop editing pictures again and once he had another batch ready, I uploaded them and got started on a blog post.

By mid afternoon it was becoming evident that we weren't going to be finished here today as promised. Apparently, their supplier sent the wrong spring assemblies for two of our slide room topper rollers .

When Bill towed the trailer back over to the campground, Steve discovered that they had winterized the no water. Too bad they didn't tell us that so we could have put additional water in the tank. Luckily we had enough for washing...just no showers in the morning!

We woke Wednesday (24th) morning to a cold, frosty 30F/-1C...but the sun was shining! Again, we had the trailer all packed up by 8:00 and headed up to the wait. I guess they were still trying to source the topper springs. They finally arrived late morning.

Steve set up again at a table with laptop...editing pictures...
We did get away for a bit to pick up some parts for our MORryde hitch...they were too busy to service it but did sell Steve a new set of glide pads...ours are full of hairline cracks. On the way home we also fuelled with diesel

The trailer was finished around 2:30. They towed it back to the campground, we got set up and then went back to the office to pay. After 10 days here in Elkhart, we are good to go in the morning!

List of things that did not go right with the RV repair:
-New holding tank had a crack in it so had to wait for a replacement.
-Wrong color/style new toilet sent so had to wait for a replacement.
-New toilet too high...Bill fixed by adjusting cabinet door (same as last time new toilet put in)
-Wrong part from Lippert to fix big slide, so they repaired old part and mounted it to the new frame.
 They never did get the slide room adjusted properly. With the slide in, there was a gap between the   slide nearest the door and exterior side wall. With the slide out, there was a large gap between the   slide room wooden framework and the interior wall near the floor. That was the best they could get   it so they decided to add a couple of gaskets to the back of the wooden framework. Not happy about   this!
-Wrong springs for slide toppers were initially sent so had to wait for replacements.
-Told by Norcold that there was no longer a repair kit to fix the fridge door seal ...told we would have to order a new door at over $400...NOT happening!

Here we are in the RV manufacturing/supplier capital of the world and most of these issues were the fault of the suppliers to Duncan RV which was driving Jennifer, Bill and us crazy! There were a few other issues taken care of such as exterior rubber seals and repair to the vapour barrier under the large slide room that was starting to tear. Time will tell if we're happy with their fixes...


  1. Yikes .... now you will get more dust in when travelling on a gravel road. Sorry you were not happy with the repairs as you were so looking forward to getting things back to being like "brand-new".

    1. I guess I didn’t fully explain. My options were to have the slide room adjusted for a flush fit when fully in or fully out. I decided for when fully in for rain and dust when traveling. The additional gaskets added to the interior will stop drafts when the slide room is out.