Sunday, October 7, 2018 (Bar Harbor Campground, Bar Harbor, Maine)

We were feeling a little lethargic this morning after our big day yesterday...and the little pub hopping we did on the way home!

Although there is still a lot more to do and see in the area, with only one more day here, we thought we had better get some chores done. We started by walking up to the office and paying for one more night and then we walked the circumference of the's huge! On the way, we also checked out the laundry room.

Back home, we loaded the laundry into the truck and we drove over to the laundry room. After helping me lug the bags into the laundry, Steve walked home while I spent a fun filled couple of hours doing laundry. It was a nice big laundry room with reasonable prices...$1 each for washer/dryer.

After the laundry was done, I picked up Steve and we drove what we thought was only a couple of miles back down the highway to an IGA grocery store to pick up some bread. Well, it turned out to be 7 miles each way...a pretty expensive loaf of bread!

On the way, though, we spotted this Osprey doing circuits at the airstrip...
Back home, Steve continued working on pictures while I put laundry away, and did some baking and some cleaning.

It was a cloudy day today...such a change from yesterday! But the sun came out late afternoon...unfortunately by the time we went to sit outside in it though, it was sinking down behind some trees.

All day Steve was humming and hawing about trying to fix the slide himself…taking the bolt out again and trying to re-align it. In the end, he decided not to because he was afraid of making it worse...and then not being able to bring slide in tomorrow.

And that was pretty much our day...our time in Bar Harbor has been short but we sure had a good the area!

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