Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, October 28, 29 and 30, 2018 (Mena, Arkansas)

Sunday morning Steve worked on some picture editing and then went with Red and Pat into town. I went over and chatted with Pam for a bit and then went home to contact Shaw Direct to change our time zone...we also can't get all of the HD stations so I talked to them about that as well. Between waiting to talk to a tech and then being bounced around to 3 different ones, it was 2 hours later...not much resolved other than changing the time zone to the one we are currently in. They offered to send out a tech, however from past experience if you tell them you're in the US they refuse to help you any further. We think that some of the HD channels are on the newer satellite that doesn't have a footprint or coverage in the US.

Pam, Bridget and I got out for a nice walk...such a beautiful day and the area is spectacular with colors changing.

Later on in the afternoon, Pam decided to take Cody down to the creek for a swim, so I tagged along.  We hopped into their side-by-side...and off we went...
Beautiful area! That's Cody on the right near the bush...

We sat on the tailgate while Cody had a good swim...

Time to get dried off before heading home...
Dinner tonight was fried fish...Crappie that Pat had caught, along with shrimp and grits that Bridget made. Another excellent meal!!!
Monday morning Pam and Red served breakfast for everyone...and then we said goodbye to Bill. He is heading down to Texas. Safe Travels, Bill...hope to see you and Kelly in the future!

Just after 10:30, Pat, Red and Steve headed out in Pat's truck...and Pam, Bridget and I went in Pam's jeep. We are going to Queen Wilhelmina State Park for a hike. On the way, we stopped at viewpoints along the way...great views!
The fall colours aren't as spectacular here as they were in the northeast...but still beautiful!
A lake in the distance...
We decided to hike the Lovers Leap Trail...a 1.3 mile, rated as moderate difficulty.
Rich Mountain offers superlative views of the Ouachita Mountains. This windblown mountaintop often looks like the high reaches of the Smoky Mountains, with heavy fog and stunted, contorted hardwood trees. The attraction of this loop trail is an overlook on a high rock bluff with a sweeping view of the surrounding Ouachita National Forest.
Pam, Bridget, Steve and Pat...Red was ahead of me....

A wee bit rough through this part of the trail...

Me,Pam, Bridget, Pat and Red...
Looks like they have a small train for the kiddies...
We had planned on having lunch in the Lodge...
Located atop Rich Mountain, Arkansas’s second highest peak, Queen Wilhelmina offers some of the most breathtaking views in the state from the fully renovated lodge. Travel the Talimena National Scenic Byway to this park and its lofty setting. This site is as rich in history as it is in scenery. The original lodge was built in the late 1800s as a Victorian resort named Wilhelmina Inn to honor the young Queen of the Netherlands. Two inns followed the original “Castle in the Sky.” The latest inn is today’s park lodge, the crowning attraction at Queen Wilhelmina State Park. The 40-room lodge features a new look and many modern updates. Enjoy Southern cuisine and first-class hospitality in the Queen’s Restaurant.
However, the restaurant was jammed packed, so we decided to go back down the mountain and have lunch at the Branding Iron BBQ and Steakhouse in Mena.
After lunch, we walked across the street to the museum...
The Mena Kansas City-Southern Depot is a historic railroad station on Sherwood Street in the center of Mena, Arkansas. It is a long single-story structure, built out of brick, with a tile roof and Mediterranean styling. It was built in 1920 by the Kansas City Southern Railway to designs by the company architect, T. C. Horstmann, and is one of the most elaborate surviving early-20th century railroad stations in the state. It is now owned by the city, and houses a local history museum and the local chamber of commerce. The station was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.
Lots of interesting photos and memorabilia on the area...
Once we finished in the museum, someone...or maybe it was a collective thought LOL...mentioned ice cream. Pam mentioned there was a new ice cream parlour/coffee house just a few blocks off we went to Suzie Q's Sweet Creams and Coffee. YUM!
Back home, we all chilled for a bit and then we all gathered around the firepit to enjoy another campfire. No one was hungry for dinner after a big lunch, followed by ice cream!

Tuesday was a cloudy day but fairly mild out. We went over to Red and Pam's and chatted with them and Bridget and Pat. A little while later, Pat and Bridget were ready to pull out...goodbye guys, wonderful getting a chance to see you again. Safe travels as you head back to Louisiana!

Steve decided to get started on the trailer hitch...replacing the glide pads. Red and Steve ended up having to go into town for replacement nuts and bolts...the old ones have rusted.

While  he was doing that, I got caught up on budget recording and general banking stuff. And when Steve and Red got back, Pam invited us over for a bowl of leftover homemade clam chowder...from Kelly's recipe, and man it was delicious!

After chilling for the rest of the afternoon, we joined Red and Pam in the barn for happy hour and then Pam heated up leftover fish for fish tacos...gee, we sure are being fed well!


  1. Nice that you were able to spend some time with Red and Pam. It looks like they have a wonderful property for entertaining their RVing friends.

    1. Other than being a dry county they have a fabulous spot and are great hosts.

  2. Sorry I missed you guys! Hope to catch up and share a campfire in the not so distant future!

    1. Yes we were disappointed you weren’t was a great time.