Friday, October 5, 2018 (Bar Harbor Campground, Bar Harbor, Maine)

We headed out this morning to take care of some errands. Our first stop was at the office to see if they could recommend a mobile RV tech to come out and have a look at our slide. Steve is worried about damaging it more while travelling. We had tested the slide by putting it all of the way in and then back out again and it seemed fine…it just won’t completely go out, with a gap of about 2 inches at one end and an inch at the other end at the bottom while the top is flush.

It was a beautiful sunny day...a nice change from yesterday...
Our first stop was at Ellsworth RV…which didn’t look like much of a business…just some RVs in a grass field. No one was there and there was only a phone number to call. Of course, no phone call can be made until we get our US phone activated. So off to Verizon we go.

We drove down main street Ellsworth...

Our stop at Verizon took quite awhile as the fellow tried to figure out the plan for our jetpack and phone. Last year we paid $85 for the Beyond Unlimited plan for the jetpack and when we added the phone, it was $80 for the jetpack and $20 for the phone. The first plan he offered us was $85 for each device…ummmm…no! With a little help from me explaining how the plan we had last year, he finally figured out what we had…whew. So for $100/month we have unlimited data on both devices (slows down after 15 GB…sure wish we had plans like this in Canada!) We have found that when it comes to Verizon, and I'm sure the other companies that the staff are not up to snuff on their own MiFi plans.

Steve called Ellsworth RV, only to have an answering machine to leave message. Next stop was a propane place only to find out they don’t fill propane tanks…huh?

Then it was onto Walmart to pick up some groceries…and of course, wine and beer. Love paying $15.97 for 5 litres of wine vs $45 for 4 ltrs in BC! Similar story for Steve.

Union River...
We filled up with diesel on the way home…$3.19/gallon. After a stop at the Visitors Center we headed back to the campground. Steve stopped at the office again to ask how much their propane was and to see if they knew of other RV repair places. The campground closes Monday at noon for the season and Steve would really like to have someone out to fix the slide before we go.

Once home, Steve immediately got on the phone to RV places. Not having much luck, he finally tried Ellsworth RV leaving another message explaining the bind we are in…a few minutes later Randy returned his call. He couldn’t do much for us other than help us get the slide in, if needed. But he did recommend a dealer in Bangor who is a Montana dealer. Steve called them and we have a "maybe we can fit you in appointment" with them Tuesday morning. We will leave here Monday and stay the night in their yard.

I took care of closing out our Telus jetpack account…we’ll likely try Bell next spring when back in Canada...and then started work on another blog post. Steve needed to put picture in order so after he did that, I continued working on it and we managed to get it posted late in the evening before heading to bed.


  1. Reading back on the Slide issue the RV dealer in Maine probably told you to have it fixed at the Factory because it sounds like a structural issue. Hope everything worked out Okay for you. Hope to see you again at the "Q".
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Unfortunately Keystone doesn’t do any of the repairs. In hindsight I should have checked with Lippert to see if they do. See ya in Q!

  2. Good to get the slide repaired. Scary when there's an issue with one.

    1. It's not fun when they break. I hate putting them in and out now...always have fingers crossed that they work!