Thursday and Friday, September 25 and 26, 2014 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Thursday we woke to a dull cloudy morning. Our quads are over-due for a service so Steve wanted to drop them off at a shop in Abbotsford before the rain set in. He headed off shortly after 9:00...and a little later, I walked into town to pick up a few things to serve for lunch. Rob, Angie and Conner along with Dave and Kerry were on the 9:00 ferry this morning and were all coming out here for a visit.

Well, it's a good thing I took my umbrella with me because it wasn't long before it started raining...and our company all arrived around noon in the rain. We sat and chatted for a few minutes and then Kerry got down to business...time to do my nails for the wedding.

The rain had stopped so everyone else went out for a walk. Angie and Rob came prepared, bringing Conner's boots and rain gear... at the playground...

A little later, the sun actually started peaking through, allowing us to sit outside.

Dave and Kerry left for Burnaby just after 2:00. Angie and Rob both tried to get Conner down for a nap in our bed but he wasn't having anything to do with it, so Angie and I took him for a walk down to meet Freya, the dog...and Deb and Ray.

Chris arrived at about 3:15 to pick us up. We would have grabbed a ride into Burnaby with Rob and Angie, but their car was full! They headed off and after getting changed, we were off to Chris's place. The wedding rehearsal is tonight.

After relaxing at Chris's place for awhile, we were off to the church for the 7:00 rehearsal. Conner started walking down the isle holding mom's hand but then decided he'd rather be carried. We'll see how it goes on Saturday but it doesn't matter if mom has to carry him...Chris and Angela just wanted him to be part of the ceremony.

Afterwards, we all went downstairs to the church hall for a bite to eat. Here is Steve with the groom and groomsmen....(left to right: Steve, Petrie, Paul, Chris, Jamieson, Rob and Doug)

Conner had fun re-arranging all of the chairs...

Pizza fresh from neighbours of Angela's parents...they used to own an Italian restaurant and upon retiring, they moved the wood-burning pizza oven to their backyard....yummm!

After a lovely evening, we dropped Chris and Petrie (his first name is Chris, as well, so everyone calls him by his last name) off and then drove home. Chris has lent us his car for the weekend...thanks, Chris!

Rain...rain...rain...was the order of the day Friday. Well, let's get it all out today so it will be nice tomorrow!

I did a couple of loads of laundry and we got packed and ready to head into the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam where the wedding reception is being held tomorrow night. Family and friends are arriving today for the 1:00 p.m. ceremony tomorrow.

We arrived at the hotel at about 3:00 and were greeted by Chris, who was there with Angela and her family delivering things for the reception. After dropping our luggage off in our room, we went back down to the lobby where we chatted with Rob, Conner, Chris, Angela and her parents, Luigi and Lucy and greeted friends, Rob and Nancy as they arrived at the hotel.

Then a bunch of us went next door to the Foggy Dew Irish Pub. We enjoyed drinks and dinner with family. Table on the left... Angela, Steve and Chris; up on the level above Steve...Mike, Nadine, Amanda, Matthew (Steve's sister, husband and kids)...playing pool on far right; Dwight (my brother) and Adam (Dwight's son); at the table to the right of Steve are the rest of Dwight's family; Kyle, Vanessa and her husband, Nate, Helen (Dwight's wife) and Ivona (Kyle's girlfriend)...
Dwight and Adam....
Dwight and me....

At about 8:30, some of us left the pub and went up to Mike and Nadine's room for a drink, where we were joined by Rob and Angie; and Rob and Nancy. Rob and Angie's room is right next door so they brought over the baby monitor so they could keep an eye on Conner (asleep). Left to right...Angie, Nancy, Rob, Steve, Nadine and Mike...

At about 10:00, we called it a night...time to get a good night's sleep for the big day tomorrow!

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