Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12, 2014 (Fort Stevens State Park, Hammond, Oregon)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends!

Well, after three full days of sightseeing and exploring the area, the next two days were more about playing catch-up and getting a few things done.

Saturday, after a very lazy start to the day, we headed out into Hammond, it is a suburb of Astoria. Our first stop was at Fred Meyer where we filled up with diesel...$3.66/gallon less the 3 cent discount using our Kroger's card was the best price around. After that, Steve found a place to get a haircut and I wandered around the strip mall and picked up a few things. 

After all those things were crossed off the list, it was time to head into Astoria and do some real shopping...we both need new hiking/walking shoes and are after Keens. There is a shoe store in Astoria that sells them...and they just happen to be on sale too! 

We parked the truck back at the Maritime Museum and walked a few blocks towards the shoe store. On the way, the trolley went by...where was it the other day?!

Unfortunately, the shoe store didn't have the style Steve was after...and they didn't have any of my size left. So much for that shoe shopping trip! Oh well...okay you know where the Fort George Brewery is? Only a couple of blocks away? Perfect! We have had a number of people recommend Fort George as a must-go place.

We started upstairs where we had a tough time choosing one of their beers. But after the fellow explained a number of the seasonal ones now available, we both chose a pumpkin beer. It was good but you really couldn't taste pumpkin (not that you were supposed to). We were going to order lunch but after taking a look at the menu, we decided there wasn't anything on it we wanted....we were really after fish and chips (you know, being on the coast and all). When we told the waiter, he said that they serve fish and chips downstairs. So we paid for our beer and took them was a busy place, we were lucky to get a table. I've never had Albacore Tuna as the fish in fish and chips was very good! That's Steve in the middle...

On our walk back to the truck, we passed another "must-do" spot...."the boat across the street from the museum". Bowpicker Fish and Chips had a line up when we passed it on our way to the shoe store and there was still a line up. Obvious very good! Because of the iffy weather, shortage of tables and the long line-up we had decided on Fort George for lunch.

After doing the rest of our shopping...Safeway and Costco...we headed home.

Sunday was a stay inside and work on the blog day. After three days of sightseeing, Steve had a ton of pictures to go through before I could do the blogs posts. So that was basically our day.

Later in the afternoon, Steve went outside to start preparing for our departure tomorrow...flush the tanks, clean off the awning and slide toppers before putting it away, etc. We also hitched the trailer to the truck since it was level less thing to do in the morning.

With miles of hiking and biking trails in the park, we could have used more time here. We were hoping to offload our bikes but we ran out of time...perhaps at our next stop.

It looks like we are going to be in for some major rain and wind over the next few days...but the forecast says it's not supposed to start until later in the morning tomorrow. Let's hope they are right and we can get to Nehalem Bay State Park before it sets in.


  1. Nehalem Bay?..we stayed there summer before last..loved it!
    enjoy the view down the 101..hope the rain holds off.

  2. Nehalem is one of our regular stops.

    When you find those Keens, please tell me where and how much. I'd love some and they are so expensive in Canada.

  3. Congrats on the new addition to your family--Your son looks so happy and your new daughter (in-law) is beautiful. Best Wishes.