Wednesday, February 29, 2012 (Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Peoria, AZ)

We had our usual relaxing start to the day and then decided it was time to do our resistance exercises...and get on with our day.   Steve was just about to get into the shower when Lucky was around 9:00.  Apparently the truck was taking longer than he expected so it wouldn’t be until this afternoon.  Well okay, that’s fine...we have no plans anyway.

After breakfast and dishes, we decided to go out for a bike ride.  After stopping at the office to pay for another couple of nights, we rode around the whole resort again.  We also checked out where the sani-dump`s by the fuel pumps so Steve was hoping that there would be an air hose so he could put a little more air in his front tire.  But no such luck...the tire isn`t flat but is getting low and of course, our air compressor is in the truck.

After our bike ride, we sat outside in the sunshine reading our books.  Lucky finally called just before 1:30...the truck was ready and he would be out to pick us up within the hour.

They had lightly sanded the one side and buffed it...after inspection, Steve seemed happy with the results.  We thanked Lucky and were on our way.  Steve really wanted a haircut so we found the address of a (fairly) nearby SuperCuts and plugged it into Serena.  While Steve was getting his haircut, I quickly had them trim by bangs and then went next door to Safeway to pick up a couple of things.

We arrived home around 5:00 to find we had new neighbours...blocking our great view of the water...sheesh!  As I was unlocking the trailer door, I noticed a note written on a piece of paper towel that was wrapped around the handle on our barbeque..."Hi neighbours, sorry to block your view...we are only here for a couple of nights, Bill and Lucy"...awww...too funny...Steve had also apologized for blocking our neighbours view when we moved in.

Terry, our neighbour from the other side, came over with his maps and showed Steve where to ride in the Wickenburg area.  This fellow is with a group of people who ride trail bikes and really knows all the areas in Arizona very well.

After dinner, we settled in for an evening of our favourite TV shows...Survivor...CSI...Criminal minds...

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