Tuesday, March 13, 2012 (Constellation Park, Wickenburg, AZ)

It was another beautiful day...not a cloud in the sky with the temperature up to about 78F/25C.  Later in the morning, Steve went down to help Earl and Allison load their quad onto their truck.  They had to take the truck down the road to an area where the road was on enough of a hill to allow them to push the ATV onto the truck bed.

It was shortly before noon when Earl and Allison pulled out of their site and stopped to say goodbye.  We will definitely connect with them when we are back on the Island in May.  We have friends we want to visit in Nanaimo so we will likely continue up to Royston to see Earl and Allison (and Abby and Cara) and spend a day or two with them...and definitely get a quad ride or two in!  They introduced us to geocaching which we are really enjoying...it’s a great way to explore new areas!  We are nowhere near Earl’s recent milestone of 1700 caches...but we’re on our way (I think we may have 20...but most of those were with his help).  After hugs and handshakes, they were on their way...safe travels, Earl and Allison!

The rest of the day was basically a work day.  Since there was a water tap over in the rodeo grounds, we wanted to wash the ATV’s before putting them away.  We likely won’t be riding them again now until we are back in BC.  There was a municipal worker cleaning up the area so Steve went over to ask if it would be okay to wash the quads...no problem...so that took the better part of the afternoon. The tap is by the horse trough and it smelled pretty "horsey" around there...of course, the addition of water on the sand made it even more smelly.

It was just before 5:00 when we walked down to Ron and Jean’s place.  We enjoyed a couple of drinks along with chips and homemade salsa...made from tomatoes out of Jean’s garden...it was delicious!  Jean is an artist and is involved with the Wickenburg art community getting ready for a showing.  She showed me some of her work...such talent! 

We learned a lot about the area that they are from in Nebraska and encouraged us to contact them if we are ever able to make it to their area. 

After dinner, we decided to go inside for desert...it was getting a little chilly outside.  We had a very nice visit with some very nice folks and then headed home.

We are leaving this area tomorrow...heading to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law (Dennis and Suzanne) once again...this time in Laughlin, Nevada before continuing onto Las Vegas.

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