Monday, March 5, 2012 (Travel to Constellation Park, Wickenburg, AZ)

We were leaving Lake Pleasant today but since we were only going about 35 miles to Wickenburg, we didn’t rush.  It was close to 11:00 by the time we pulled out of our site and headed over to the sani-dump station...and about 20 minutes later we were leaving the resort.

Forty minutes later we pulled into the parking lot at the entrance to the campground at Constellation Park.  The campground is across the street from the rodeo grounds and is only $5.00 per night with no services. We thought we would leave the rig there and take a walk into the campground to check out the sites available.  When Steve got out of the truck, a side-by-side ATV stopped...the fellow had been following us and said that the right rear tire on the trailer looked like it had a bulge in it.  Hmmm...we’d better keep an eye on that...thanks for the heads-up.

After walking through the rustic campground, we selected site #5 and as I waited at the site, Steve drove by so he could turn the rig around before backing into our site.  Sure enough, the back trailer tire bulged out as the wheel turned...Steve said that the side-wall must be giving out...great!  But thank goodness the fellow had stopped to tell us.  I guess we had better get that taken care of before we continue on our travels.

Although there was a high layer of clouds covering the sun today, it sure did get hot out.  Once we got all set up, Steve went up to clean the solar panels on the trailer roof and said it was unbearable up there. The sun was now making it through some breaks in the clouds and the thermometer was up to 30C/86F. 

He put the awning out but it didn’t provide any shade...thank goodness there happened to be a perfectly placed tree that provided shade.  We sat out in the shade enjoying a slight breeze...escaping the heat inside the trailer (of course it didn’t help that I decided to bake cookies this afternoon).

We eventually moved the chairs to overlook the valley...our site is perched up high with a great view southwest towards Wickenburg.  This is the view from our site...


We enjoyed cocktails outside until of the few nights lately that it has been warm enough...before heading inside to get dinner going.

Apparently, another wind storm and cold front is forecast to move in tomorrow afternoon and night...more wind and much cooler temps....sheesh...

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