Sunday, March 4, 2012 (Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Peoria, AZ)

We thought we were finished with the wind around here...there weren’t any weather warnings up anymore...but at about 2 a.m. this morning, we were woken by the trailer being the wind!  It was just howling out there!  And from that point on, we really didn’t get much sleep.  I guess I dozed off and on but with every big gust of wind, I was awake.  At 5:30, I finally gave in and decided to get up.  I wasn’t going to get any more sleep.

We had our usual relaxing start to the day and then did our exercises, had breakfast and showered.  At about 11:00, I decided to walk over to the laundry and put a couple of loads on.  By this time, the wind had subsided to a strong breeze.  The forecast for today was for temps well into the high 20’sC/low 80’sF...nice!

A couple of hours later, I walked back with a bag of clean laundry...the strong breeze had diminished even more to a light breeze and it was getting very hot out!  Time to change into our bathing suits and head to the pool!

We spent a nice couple of hours sunning by the pool...a much busier place than it had been when we first arrived almost a week ago.  It’s amazing how the weather fluctuates!  Last Tuesday we had to bundle up for a bike ride around the RV Park.  Today the temperature inside our trailer was up to 88F (31C)!

Back home, we changed out of our wet suits and then Steve loaded the bikes back onto the bike rack...the start of our pack-up since we are leaving here tomorrow morning.  Then it was time to enjoy a cocktail outside in the was nice that the motorhome that had been parked right beside us had left today, giving us a little more room...his slider had been couple of feet into our site.

We sat out for awhile talking about what route we should take back to BC...eventually Steve got the Road Atlas out and we looked at that...hmmm...not sure, but we may go across to the coast and go up that way...we’ll see.
As we were putting our chairs away to go inside, we noticed a bunch of hot-air balloons up in the sky...very cool...there were eleven of them.  This is a very interesting addition to the hot-air balloons, we have seen gliders, stunt planes practicing and two planes ‘dog-fighting’...unfortunately they were all too far away to take any pictures.

Chairs are all put away...the rest will wait until tomorrow...

Our last evening at Lake Pleasant...

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