Thursday, March 1, 2012 (Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Peoria, AZ)

The sky was clear this morning and with the forecast for a high of 68F/19C, it looked like we were finally getting some warmth back after the cold front that had moved through over the past few days.

We had a pretty laid-back day...after breakfast Steve went outside to clean the truck.  While out there Terry from next door came over...he had planned on leaving today but decided to stay one more night since his girlfriend, Deb, wasn’t feeling well.  His site was already booked so he had to move and the office had given him our spot...what?!!  He said they had us leaving went to the office yesterday and paid for two more nights.   We had also decided to stay here until I headed up to the office.

I guess the woman who extended our stay yesterday made a mistake in the computer so it took Karen some time to figure out what had gone wrong.  With that straightened out, I told her that we also wanted to extend our stay again...for another 3 nights this time.  Unfortunately someone else was booked into our site on Saturday, so we would have to move to another site for Saturday and Sunday nights.  A bit of a pain but it’s just across the way to site 44...we will face the opposite way, though—our door/awning side will be away from the water view.

With that taken care of, I did a little banking on the laptop and then decided to set my chair up outside in the sunshine and read my book.  The sun was nice but unfortunately the breeze was still quite I ended up going back inside with my book.  After he had finished cleaning the truck, Steve joined me inside and we spent a quiet couple of hours reading.

Just before 2:00 Steve suggested we go for a walk...good idea...time for a little exercise!  What I wasn’t expecting, though, was to go mountain climbing!  We headed towards a gravel road at the base of the mountain just to see where it went but low and behold, we came across a path that went up...and up...

It was a good hike...although somewhat we picked our way up stopping along the way to admire the view.  We made it to the peak where we could see down both sides...the views were spectacular!

That's Lake Pleasant Regional Park way off in the distance...

Once back down the mountain, we continued on the old gravel road only to find that it makes a loop back to the start.  Okay fine...let’s head home...we had had a good walk.   As we passed an RV, a lady asked how our hike was...they had seen us at the top of the mountain.  She asked if we had seen any goodness.  I guess she had seen one while hiking up there.

By this time, it felt much warmer outside so we thought that we would try sitting out again.  We managed about an hour and then as the sun got lower, it cooled down again, so we headed inside.  And that was our day.  We are going to launch the boat tomorrow and take it out for a run on the lake.  We haven’t had it in water since we were at Moyie Lake last summer.

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