Thursday, March 15, 2012 (Travel to Sam’s Town RV Park, Las Vegas, NV)

We didn’t have the best sleep last was very warm inside the trailer...that’s a first!  I was surprised at how quiet it was, though.   We got cleaned up and showers this morning...and then headed out for a walk along the Colorado River walk.  It was a beautiful morning.

We went into the Aquarius Casino to get coffee at Starbucks but once we saw the line-up, we went to Subway instead.  It’s amazing how busy the casinos are...and it’s not even 8:00 a.m.!  After getting our coffee, we went back outside and sat down on a bench overlooking the river and enjoyed the morning sunshine.

It was just before 10:00 when we left the Riverside Casino parking lot and headed to highway 93 north.  Dennis and Suzanne weren’t quite ready yet, so we’ll pull over somewhere and wait for them.  Just as we had gone down into the river valley, we had to climb out as we left Laughlin.  About 20 minutes later and once the highway had flattened out, we found a spot to pull over on the summit.  After calling Dennis and Suzanne and getting no answer, Suzanne called right back...they were just leaving.  We told them where we had pulled over...we’ll see them shortly.

Soon we had ourselves a we headed towards Las Vegas...on such a beautiful warm day...

We stopped in Searchlight for a break...

On this stretch of highway, we ran into some major cross-wind...we watched as a big gust hit Dennis and Suzanne’s coach...poor Suzanne!  Shortly after, a big gust hit us...yikes!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

We arrived at Sam’s Town RV Park at about 1:00...after registering, we both pulled into our side-by-side sites.  The only sites available were 40’ pull-through’s...big enough for our fifth wheel but not for the truck.  We managed to park it along the front...but it did overhang onto the road.  But the road is quite wide...lots of room for rigs to get by.

The first thing we did after getting all set up was to head down to Albertson’s for some groceries...Suzanne headed right to the laundry (which is right across the road...very handy).  After that was all done, it was time to relax for a bit...

Glad we like our neighbours!

Dennis and Suzanne decided to walk over to the casino for a bit...but we thought that we would just relax at home.  Today is their wedding anniversary...Happy Anniversary, Suzanne and Dennis!!  Dunkin is keeping an eye out for their return... 

Once it was dark out, Steve went out and took this picture of the casino next door...Eastside Cannery...the lights actually change colour...very cool...

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  1. Las Vegas...a different world;o))

    We remember traveling through Searchlight. We were warned to watch our speed as it was a speed trap;o((

    Don't let go of too much money and enjoy the natural areas around Las Vegas!!

    We're heading to Tampa tomorrow to pick up our new Motorhome...can't wait. Hope to see you 'Down the Road':o)